Plants vs Zombies™ 2

Last Updated: 2021-12-08 Current Version: 9.8.1
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Really fun game, graphics and especially soundtrack are great. It's a shame that half of the plants can just be unlocked for... 5 BUCKS FOR ONE SINGLE PLANT?!? That is problematic. The rent-a-plant feature solves this issue but it just does not work for some reason sometimes. The app also crashes rather often. Besides that, the game is fun though. Also, we need the possibility to level up plants we do not own if we have enough seeds for the upgrade.


Game itself is very good. The in-game shop prices are very expensive and exaggerated. Leveling plants without spending money is going to take ages for levels above 4-5. Besides, lots of advertisements, which sometimes can even lead to crashes of the game. Last but not least: After replaying older levels (for seed packets) you are always thrown into the latest level of this world instead of just returning to the map.


Really addicting gameplay, cute and creative style - a lot of fun when you have nothing else to do. I would probably give this a full five stars, but the ingame shop is outrageously overpriced. When you have to pay 24€ and it won't even fully upgrade a single plant, something is wrong. Also, the multiplayer is very clearly set up to encourage you to buy gauntlets.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 PC Features:

There is no denying that this game released in 2013 continues to remain popular among the youth and even the adults alike. When you have a taxing challenge consisting of saving mankind from the horror of zombies, then you need to be prepared. There is no better way to enjoy the game than experience it through the PC, where you will be in a position to take control over it conveniently. The PC features of this game include making use of your keyboard and mouse instead of numbing your thumbs out. Furthermore, the fact that you will be able to savor this game through the big screen instead of sitting on the couch all day long is another plus point!

Moreover, the graphics and the speed of the game itself are also extraordinary when running on the PC compared to the mobile phone.


Is Plants vs. Zombies 2 only available on mobile?

For all you gamers out there, who are anxious to know, the game is available on PC through an Android emulator such as LDPlayer. Bearing in mind that the game is yet to release an official PC version, you can reap numerous benefits by opting for the LDPlayer, and ensuring that your gaming spree is as top-notch as ever!


Is LDPlayer suitable for playing Plants vs. Zombies 2 on PC?

The LDPlayer is by far the most trusted Android emulator out there. When PUBG mobile was released, whereas many other emulators experienced bug fixes, crashes, and glitches, the LDPlayer was the only one that defeated all the odds. It is reliable, offers its users a seamless experience, and rightfully brags about the reputation that it has been able to garner as the top-rated emulators out there.

If you are a gamer and need an Android emulator that you can rely on and satiate your gaming desire for playing Plants vs. Zombies 2 on the computer, then LDPlayer is for you!

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