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Last Updated: 2022-11-26

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I live Anthem. I just wish there was more you could do with friends in the app. Make schedules, see events coming up in game etc. Also it would be cool to add new things in game. It's fun playing as lvl 30 but would be cool to have more to do than just contracts and stuff. Also, being able to trade or give your items to friends would be legendary (hehe get it). Love the game!


Keeps logging me out, guild chat notification don't show up, unless it's direct chat. We would love an option to change our javelin in the app and have it sync to the game. So when we go home and turn on the game our load outs and appearance is changed, also a photo mode would be cool.


Literally unusable. When I try to log in with 2fa, the app restarts itself when I open my email to get the authentication code and I have to re-log in and get a new code sent, just so it can restart itself again. What's worse, the few times I finally did manage to log in, it said I had no Anthem save data and immediately logged me back out. I have nearly 30 hours clocked in on this game but apparently this app thinks otherwise. I would give 0 stars if I could.

Get your guild together and suit up for adventure! Assist other freelancers in the fight beyond the walls of Fort Tarsis with ease using the Anthem app. Join a guild or create a new one, add your friends and plan your future expeditions, all within the app. Then, add guild members to your squad in-game, and you’re ready to take on any challenge.
Create A Guild
• Create your guild, customize it, and invite your friends!
Join A Guild
• Looking to meet new players, or join the guild all your friends are in? Search filters help you find exactly the group you’re looking for.
Chat With Your Guild
• Stay in touch with guild members and plan your next expedition together.
Squad up in Anthem
• Once in a guild, you can easily invite your guildmates to join your squad of freelancers in-game.

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