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Last Updated: 2021-03-24 Current Version: 1.1.0

Run Gacha Club on PC with LDPlayer


I absolutely love Gacha Club, I have had it since 2019 and constantly used this. Every time I've gotten a new phone I would download it once again and make characters but recently I have experienced an issue. The game would t save the data and it's extremely annoying. I make extremely difficult characters that take up a lot of my time but it just ends up wasted when I close out of the app and it doesn't save.


This is one of the best sequels I've ever seen. It improved so much from Gacha Life! You can proportion your characters better, you chan change outline colors, add character tint, and of course, the ability to use adjustments. However, there are a couple things that make the game fall short of a full 5 stars. For example, you can't adjust scarves, which I think should be doable. You also can't adjust jackets, but I can see why that wouldn't be allowed. Skirts too, but I understand why not.


It's a pretty major improvement over Gacha Life, but there's still some issues. One example is that one of the character presets, Max, has a shirt color that the game wouldn't normally allow. If you use that preset, the game automatically changes that color to black upon leaving the character menu. Also, the battle mode is still unfinished.

The latest gacha experience has just been released in the form of Gacha Club, a new Android game with hundreds of characters, a fun and joyful storyline, and tons of customization options that let you to dress up and personalize every aspect of your characters, as well as putting them in many fun positions. 


Gacha Club combines the standard gameplay of most gacha games, including a mostly-automatic combat system, with many fun and exciting social elements, allowing players to create unique looks for their characters and share them with everyone online.


Gacha Club is quite a unique experience; not quite what you’d expect from a mobile game of this genre. The developer, Lunime, has created a series of games based on the concept of gathering numeroud characters and interacting with them in different ways. 


Instead of summoning heroes that you can use in battle, these games consisted of dressing up your characters and creating fun scenarios by arranging them however you like. In fact, Gacha Club is the first game in the series to add multiple battle modes through which players can upgrade their characters.




LDPlayer is a free Android emulator that uses virtualization technology and allows you to try the Android operating system on your computer. LDPlayer is one of the best and lightest Android emulators for Windows.


There are many benefits to playing your favorite mobile games on LDPlayer. For starters, you enjoy these games on a big screen rather than a small phone screen. Also, instead of using your fingers to awkwardly tap and swipe your phone, you can use your mouse cursor for superior accuracy in most situations. 


Additionally, LDPlayer takes you’re the hardware from your PC and uses it to create a much better and smoother gaming experience. If your PC meets our emulator’s recommended requirements, we’ve found that you’ll enjoy an experience that’s 6x faster and better than even the most expensive phones in the market.


As many players that have enjoyed these Lunime games over the years can probably tell, it’s extremely frustrating trying to put together that perfect studio scene, but struggling to get those poses and placement right, because you have to rely on clunky touchscreen controls. Luckily, when using the mouse, these problems are a thing of the past, as you’ll be able to set up these scenes easily and by using your mouse, these problems are part of the past since you’ll be setting up those scenes easily and without any problems.




You don’t need a killer rig; if you’ve got Windows 7 or above, 2GB of RAM, and an Intel or AMD processor, you’re good to go!




Q: How do I install Gacha Club on my PC

A: Follow these steps:

  1. Download LDPlayer installer on your desktop.
  2. Run the installer and complete the setup.
  3. Open LDPlayer and search Gacha Club on the search bar.
  4. Install the game from LD Store (Or Google Play Store).
  5. Once the installation is completed, click the game icon to launch the game.
  6. Enjoy playing Gacha Club on your PC with LDPlayer.


Q: Do I have to pay for Gacha Club

A: No, you can customize characters and complete battles in this free-to-play mobile game on your PC.




Create Your Characters


In Gacha Club, you can customize 10 main characters and 90 additional characters by adjusting the hair/eyes/items to fit your characters. You can also change the colors of almost all of your items and Choose from 600 different poses! Moreover, you can choose and customize hundreds of pets and set custom profiles for all your characters!


Studio Mode


You can choose from a wide variety of backgrounds and add your favorite animals and objects to the Gacha Club scene. Also, don’t forget to use the face presets to quickly change the character’s face and have them communicate with each other with custom text boxes.


Gacha and Battle


In Gacha Club, you have 180 units to use in battle and 150 pets to increase your stats. You can also use materials to upgrade, awaken, and increase skill levels to challenge all four battle modes: Story, Training, Tower, and Shadows of Corruption.




Gacha Club offers lots of fun mini-games like Usagi vs Neko or Mascot Whack. You can collect gems and bytes to get more characters. The game is free, you can easily collect gems even without Wi-Fi.

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