MahJah 2 - Mahjong Solitaire

Dmitriy Prikhodko
Last Updated: 2023-06-10

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Sequel to the popular time-killer puzzle MahJah!

We collected all the wishes of players and the last game to make a sequel.
How to play? Find a pair of pictures / symbols on the faces of figures and earn points. Unlock new levels and themes.
Available 144 levels, 16 visual themes and 6 3D shapes.

Visual themes: Mahjong, Gothic, Ethnic, Glagolitic, Food, Katakana, Stars, Rune, Adinkra, Cuneiform, Flags, Egypt, Alchemy, Mandala, Constellations, Maya.

3D Shapes: cube, rectangle, cylinder, square, pentagon, hexagon.
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