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Last Updated: 2022-11-02 Current Version: 9.1.0

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I love the game, and have spent a shameful amount of money on it over several years. Recently they added some upgrades to Arcadia and it was actually somewhat enjoyable because I could finally tap on arcane flowers and get small items. Then they took that away to only level 5 and up. It was slow before, but now it's exc4utiating and I won't play the Arcane level anymore. Besides that, it needs new DIFFERENT main levels. It's not exciting enough for me anymore and progress is painfully slow.


Honestly I was enjoying this game in he beginning. There are always things to do and it is fun. However, it gets very cluttered and impossible to manage. Also, my last straw is the events. If you want full rewards, it takes a full 8 hours of NON-STOP clicking to complete! I'm sorry, but some people have a life! I wanted a distraction for occasions when I need one, maybe 30 minutes or an hour before bed. The sheer disgusting grind of these events is absolutely inhumane.


Love it! Been playing for about a year and just waiting for it to expand to do more levels haha Edit** I'm not sure why now my SPen doesn't work now on the game. It made it easier to click and move then use my finger Another edit* a year later love the game. But the glitches are getting annoying. Lost 5 eggs from a glitch after spending time making coin for it. Slowly wanting to leave the game

Play Merge Dragons on PC

Merge Dragons is a puzzle game that will be coming as a puzzle adventure game by Zynga, and it comes with the goal of growing dragons. You have matchmaking gameplay here, and Merge Dragons have all the features you are asking for a merging game to be included. Everything can be matched in Merge Dragons, and these interactions can make players solve many more magical puzzles throughout the game.

You are being charged with a magic land in Merge Dragons, and you have to raise your dragons' power. And there is only one way to do it, and that is solving the puzzles. You have to match eggs as it can help your dragons, and since this land flourished, Zomblins, you are the only hope there to heal the land.

Match and Collect More Breeds

You have more than 500 objects to match here, and they all come with 81 challenges. If you can match three of them, you will be able to evolve them all for some superior items, which will help you go through the game easily. Life essence match will allow players to heal the vale, and creating life can be done with each level's Gaia statuses.

There are more than 37 dragon breeds living in this land, and you can grow them for new stages as it can make them new dragons. If you want to harvest eggs, you will have to match them, allowing you to have more helpful dragons from the game. Everything is more tricky here, and you are also allowed to add your friends to the game too. The best emulator: LDPlayer 9, will help you to reach the top in Merge Dragons more than you wish.

Superior Gaming Quality with Best Customizations

Now you can adjust your gameplay for the smoothest experience obtained by doing optimizations through LDPlayer 9 for the Merge Dragons. You have to play this game on a PC, and there you will see the best ever quality visuals coming in there to give you a magnificent gaming experience.

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