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Last Updated: 2022-11-02 Current Version: 2.4.3211
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No way to restore a prior purchase of Field of Dreams. I had this game when it was brand new, and bought FoD when it first dropped, before all the microtransactions were added to the game. I had everything, but when I reloaded the game to a different device years later, all of my purchases & progress is gone.


Very good game but the punch box, tnt, plunger wheels and grappling hook items are very glitch and can make you phase through terrain, dissapear into thin air and collect evry single star box at once for some reason, making the game way to buggy and sometimes easy. Overall great game, good luck out there inventin'


The game is good. I like the features and the loot crates. 2 things. 1. The game lacks updates. 2. Every time I get a higher score than my opponent in cake race, I get a 2 hr or 4 hr crate! Literally when I get a bigger score than my opponent, I get a small reward! Not cool rovio!

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Bad Piggies is coming as a puzzle game by Rovio Entertainment, and this will be more related to the most famous game, Angry Birds. The Bad Piggies is a spin-off to this popular franchise, and you will be controlling some minion pigs here instead of the birds. This game has been one of the most popular games ever since it was released, making it the best mobile game in 2012 by IGN.


The minion pigs are here trying to steal the eggs of angry birds as they usually do, and they are required to make a contraption. It has to be done with whatever they have been provided in the game, and you, as a player, will be able to use these all to finish off a level.


Egg Hunting with Levels and Fun


Minion pigs always want to steal the angry birds' eggs, and they do it in this game as usual. But things have to be done with plans as it makes it easy for them to steal and you should give your all efforts to create the flying machine. So you can reach a safe destination. As we mentioned before, the game offers piggies with several items, and they can be helpful for you to make your goals successful.


There are more than 200 levels available in this game, and they will be updated for new ones more and more. Even if it is flying, exploding, crashing, or anything, and you must try your best to have all the stars from the game. The best emulator, LDPlayer 9, will make the Bad Piggies more advanced with added best-ever features.


Optimize Bad Piggies Gameplay for the Better


If you want a colorful land to explode and steal, have your Bad Piggies on PC, and LDPlayer 9 is the one you should use here to have a colorful gaming experience. It can adjust your settings and graphics based on your PC to give it a colorful view, and you will be enjoying the next level of optimizations there for sure.


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