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Last Updated: 2022-09-29
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Actually, this isn't that bad! unlock brawlers, destroy your enemy, unlock guns, and thats it! Thats the game. There is this one star review where 7 year olds say that this game is a brawl stars clone. Well, they didn't play this game before the reviewed because "brawl stars" is on a top-down view, while this game is on a 2D view..... but the menu of this game is copied from brawl stars i agree.


I recently downloaded this game and it's super fun to play and it's a good time killer so I recommend people to download this game, the reason I gave it only 4 stars is because the energy to play is too less so I can't spend much time in the game. If you can increase the energy it would to great and I look forward for the update of this game otherwise it's a awesome game.


people say it's a copy of brawl stars never played this game before and it is totally different about modes map controls and items like grenades guns and more . this game is great it's offline great skins character s maps modes and more but can you add more guns to the game please?

Run Gravity Brawl on PC
Yellow Tie Games 2D multiplayer shooter game is known as the Gravity Brawl, and this is the game that lets you destroy enemies with some cool movements. Number of power ups as well as weapons are available for players here, and every character is unique. More than 100 characters are waiting in Gravity Brawl to complete all your missions and then have your rewards, and this is the game where you can go through so many modes with some friends too.

Fight and Win
You don’t ever have to pay for winning in Gravity Brawl because it literally gives you the chance to fight based on skills and then win. You just have to learn all the brawling skills, and that is it. That is all a player would be needed to mark a victory in Gravity Brawl, and nothing is harder to learn here. Everything will be simple to learn.
Having some simple mechanics will let you learn the game quickly, but it doesn’t make you master the game easily. You will have to put some more effort into mastering here, and the more you progress, the more you can unlock some heroes and then do upgrades for them. So many unique skins are available there for the characters. If you want to make some perfect movements and advancements to your Gravity Brawl gameplay, the best emulator: LDPlayer 9, will be your perfect choice here.

More Game Modes and a Club System
So many game modes are available with Gravity Brawl, all for free. It might be a one vs. one game, a Pinata fest, a Squid Game mode, or anything else. Everything will make it amazing for you and you can also be allowed to make your own club here. There you will have the chance to unite with others and collect some amazing rewards. If you cannot create a club, you can join an existing one too.

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