Grand Truck Simulator 2

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Last Updated: 2021-03-24 Current Version: 1.0.32

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4 stars bcz for the huge maps and driving experience and it's in the early stages. This game has a lot of potential. But it gets boring and I feel lonely in the game. Just improve the graphics and add more options like customization etc. You can also add the option to hire drivers. You should also work on the maps to make it feel more alive. You need to work on the maps , this is recommended , it will attract a lot of players bcz the maps are already huge they just needs improvements.


This game is pretty cool!! I very much like the in cab view. The realistic way the truck bounces over roads. You can get out and fuel up as well as top off liquids. You can move the trailer up or down to attach to the tandums. There are turn signals, windshield wipers, you can look left or right in cab. The driving is smooth and so is the graphics. Only thing i would add is maybe a little more detail. Like trees, more stop lights and bigger cities. Other than that its spot on. 👌


Definitely 5-star worthy, not a day goes by without playing the game, please improve the following : 1. The driving distance is too long, the vehicles are slow. 2. Attaching the trailer is a drag, especially if it detached during an accident. 3. The game won't save progress. I'm looking forward to the next update of the game well done developer 👌🏼


The second edition of Grand Truck Simulator saga brings a new concept in mobile logistics simulation.

Now more than ever you must take care of your fleet of vehicles.

A new physics with realistic consumption, damage, and wear will test all your driving and management skills.

Checking tire pressure, coolant and lubricant levels, buying used trucks, changing engines, gearboxes, differentials, tires, and rims are some of the new features that GTS 2 offers to us.

New maps and an improved weather system provide a fascinating gaming experience.

New features will be added in the next updates.

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