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Last Updated: 2022-11-04 Current Version: 2.2.12
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I love it. The levels are so beautifully made. They glow and shake and sometimes stay static. Rather than just going from left to right, the levels will all of a sudden switch directions. Rather thsn the camera being just there, the camera zooms in and out, which is awesome, cuz then u can see the detail they put into the game. The levels are hard, but the music and fast pace make up 4 it. P.S If u want no ads, put ur phone on airplane mode


The challenging levels and intense music is my favorite style of gaming. And thats the game is very good. Sometimes ads come, but thats okay because it is coming sometimes. 100/10!!! ( the levels are challenging and maybe hard. But the thing is to stay patient,practice alot, and think how many hardwork the developers are trying to make the 3 levels press start, power trip, nock em )


I really loved this game, because it's awesome with the musics and levels. I played a lot on my older phone, but with my new one (it's a cubot) the music and the speed of the levels just don't fix with each other, the music is faster than the jumps. Just a little faster, but it's really annoying after half minute. Does anyone have problems like this?

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The Geometry Dash series is again getting a new title with RobTop Games as Geometry Dash Subzero, and you will interact with a geometric cube again. It will carry you through several challenges. The game is packed with a series of levels that become challenging one by one.


You, as a player, will have to carry a cube with a path full of obstacles here, and then you need to jump to continue with the path. But this is not easy, although your cube automatically moves because you are the one who is under the control of all its jumps.


Perfect Jump to Evade Obstacles for White Orbs


You fully control the jumps, and they should be perfectly done; otherwise, you won’t be able to avoid the obstacles. And throughout the progress you make through all the levels, you can collect some white orbs, which can be later used for new cube models unlocked through the store.


The gameplay is full of sparkling neon lights, which is very challenging for every player at each level. And if you are up for a real challenge, try the game through the best emulator: LDPlayer 9.


Smooth Jumps and Wider Screen


If you don’t have the capacity for a smooth jump just because you lag through the game, it means you are not going to avoid the obstacles. This will result in you failing the levels in Geometry Dash Subzero. You don’t want to do this, and to prevent this from happening, try your game on a PC with LDPlayer 9. There is no lagging as it gives the smoothest settings to flow the game, and besides them all, you have a wider screen to see all the obstacles clearly rather than playing through a tiny mobile screen to enjoy the game to the fullest.


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