Best Abstract games on PC & for Android
In the world of gaming, different types of games have their unique charm, attracting different kinds of players. Whether it's exploring unknown worlds alone or teaming up with friends for battles; whether it's pursuing depth and strategy in games or being captivated by the unique charm of artistic styles, there is a always game that can meet your needs. Below are some highly recommended Abstract games, each with its own exciting story, promising unique gaming experience. They allow you to immerse yourself and embark on a series of wonderful Abstract gaming journeys, making sure your gaming moments are unforgettable.
Amazing puzzles for everyone! Connect letters and find words. Train your brain!
Welcome to Word Play!
Word Play is a puzzle game for adults where you search and connect letters to spell words. Find words games train your brain and are fun for both kids and adults.

Hunt words, relax and feel free to become the best puzzles solver ever! Increase your iq! Word Play like a pro.

Great brain training puzzle games to kill time and have fun. Simply connect letters to build words, finish level and get awesome rewards. You’ll never experience a dull moment after you try th
Test and improve your brain power with interesting puzzles.
Complete the puzzles by combining 7 different pieces.

[game characteristics]
- players can enjoy various game modes .(classic, double, flip, spinning, hard mode)
- hours of playing time with countless stages .
- easy control and user friendly interface.
- multi-play : support versus mode (1vs1)
- support 16 languages.
- support leader board, achievement and Invite friends.


Addicting puzzle and brain game with a twist!
Colonies is an original puzzle game with a simple but original gameplay with a new and refreshed gameplay!

Colonies game is simple to play, but difficult to master! Your task is to connect dots of the same color in a way that the last dot in your chain is connected with the first dot in your chain. The bigger chain you create, the better score you get! You can choose from 3 difficulties. To create chain simply slide your finger over the dots of the same color.

Play as a single playe
Enjoy the FUN blast like a cannon with Color Ball Blast
Blasting Beauty, Color Therapy Shooting game, Color Ball Blast!
Blast the raining color balls, the prettier the better.

Fun Blasts like a Cannons with Color Ball Blast
- Color Ball: Full of ball blasting fun, Color Ball Blast
- Cannon: With pin-point upgrades, Color Ball Blast is back with Bomber strength
- Skins: More colors, more sensation. Enjoy a Rainbow Color Ball Blast!
- Extra Levels: More thrilling Color Ball Blast!

Whenever, Wherever, Easy Bomber Col
Tired of match 3 games? Play Hue Match: a puzzle game of matching colors
Hue Match is an addictive puzzle game that you need to find dots of the same color gradients.
Similar to match-3 games, the goal of the game is to clear all 3-in-a-row gradient dots.
Easy to understand, simple to play, yet still challenging and addictive!

If you love hue puzzle games, then you will definitely love Hue Match, too

Game Features of Hue Match
# Easy to play: Just swipe to clear dots
# Offline puzzle game: No need of wifi internet connection. You can play withou
Addictive & challenging word game! Play solo or with friends. 1,000,000 players!
You can start playing Lexulous word game with your friends in 5 easy steps:

1. Install app.
2. Login.
3. Tap + sign (top left).
4. Match Friends.
5. Enter numeric ID of your friend or give them your ID.


Play with fellow word lovers across the world and set a challenge for all age groups. Learn, Practice, set your target and become the ultimate champion of words. This addictive game will challenge your brain and your vocabulary. Truly a game for wo
Break color bricks!
Color Snake is here!

Relive the thrill of the sensational classic!

Control the snake to break the obstacles of YOUR color.

Avoid other colors!

Collect the coins to customize your play!

Dreaming of becoming a star of the Summer Sports? Well, now you can!
Dreaming of becoming a star of the Summer Sports? Well, now you can!

Ketchapp Summer Sports is a fun arcade game to compete with your friends and worldwide.

Collect coins to unlock new items. Improve your timing and reaction skills to perfect your results.

Are you up for the ultimate challenge? Beat the world records!
Bounce off tiles and make as many hops as you can!
Bounce off tiles and make as many hops as you can in this mind-blowing arcade action!

Touch the screen and drag left or right to guide the ball from tile to tile. Don’t miss the path! Make insane combos and beat your friend's scores!

What is your best score?