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Last Updated: 2022-09-14 Current Version: 2.111
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A wonderful game for young and old. I've been playing since this game released, and I gotta say, never gets old. The artstyle is charming, the controls are absolutely fabulous, and the way geometry dash combinds It's wonderful music and level design fascinates me. I was actually surprised when I found a few castle crasher tracks in this game. So waterflame is part of this.. huh. Also custom levels for never ending fun!


Awesome game, literally one of my favorites! It's really entertaining and the fun never stops with such amazing levels. The only problem is that there are some bugs in it which always make you fail and prevent you from completing some levels. If those bugs are gonna be fixed, I'll give it a 5☆ for sure!


Incredible Game. Absolutely love it and I never stop playing it. I'm Just waiting for 2.2. But There's 2 problems I don't know if it's the game or my phone but on every level the 1st attempt always speeds off and then the music is out of sync. Secondly, Sometimes I don't tap on the screen but it still jumps or bounces off a orb but then I'm like far in a demon level and it just kills me which is what I hate but hopefully that gets fixed or its just my phone I don't know.

Run Geometry Dash on PC
RobTop Games will make you run and fly through the danger, and it is the Geometry Dash. It is a game where players have to go through danger rhythmically, and this will be a platform filled with many actions. There are so many achievements, soundtracks, and new levels to be embraced here that it will make players test their skills to the limit. This is a one-touch game with so many levels, and it is guaranteed to stick players on it for hours and hours to overcome some obstacles.

More Levels and More Block Movements
Geometry Dash comes with more than 21 official levels on it, and players have already made more than 40 million levels so far. Everything flows with the rhythm, and it provides you with an online editor for your wish too. Day by day, it will be added by many new players with its new version, and every level will be different from one to another, making them almost tough to pass with a range of difficulties.
You are going to control the blocks here by holding or pressing, and reaching an endpoint will mark the finishing of a level. You also can train yourself to be more fluent with your jumps and movements, and timing is the key to success here. For more advancements to the gameplay, you can go with LDPlayer 9.

Rhythmic Gameplay with Best Soundtracks
Each and every level of this game is linked with a rhythm, so it is not just a game that you jump to play. Controls are very easy here, and the most amazing soundtracks will make you dive through each level with a niche push with a tune.

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