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Last Updated: 2022-11-08 Current Version: 2.38.0
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Awesome game. Over the years I play it every chance I get, and it keeps getting better and better. More interesting challenge, missions, tournaments, competing with friends on social media platforms etc. However, I wish there was a way to store the app data on a cloud server, I keep wiping it and resetting my progress. Also, it would be awesome if we had different profiles so that e.g. my nephew's can play in a separate one without messing up the progress in mine.


Subway Surfers is an instant classic, one of the very few mobile games to become one with pop culture. A simple concept, an infinite runner game where you have to jump and dodge obsticles as you run through the subway, collecting coins and power ups, while trying to escape the guard and his dog and trying to get as far as you can. This game is easy and fun to start playing, there is plenty of characters and boards to collect, and every month new things are added to the game! Would recommend!


It's great! If you like a challenge,even better. Excellent for hand n eye coordination, motor skills, cuz it moves fast ,so getting to know the layout helps tremendously, which I don't. I must be a slow poke cuz I can't get past the first level, but they give you plenty of help along the way , so thank you great Job!. Oh the clarity n color , graphics also excellent, thanks.

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Subway Surfers is for gamers who would love to be a part of endless running by SYBO games, and it is just not only about running. This single-player game makes you run through many obstacles, and there will be many rewards to be taken as tokens here. It is a game that captures so much fun for the players, and the goal is set for you to take passengers within a given time frame.

Run to Earn Rewards through Obstacles

Throughout the endless running in Subway Surfers, players will meet several mysterious boxes, and successfully getting them clears a way to earn more tokens. The whole running will make the players jump and lay down, as well as prevent the obstacles featured by the game from time to time. But there is always a line of tokens to be collected through this running, and it also wants you to escape from the inspector as well as from his dog.

If you want to make Subway Surfers reach for the best controls over running, use LDPlayer 9, as it has the best features to enhance your running with some better optimizations.

Coolest Features to Enhance Running

Subway Surfers is not just about running; it makes players grind through heavy training along with their crew. Every feature has been enhanced with the best HD graphics, and there will also be many challenges to take part in. If a player is in an urge to help their friends, it is also possible here, and from time to time on the track, there will be a paint-powered jetpack as well as lightning-fast swipe acrobatics provided for the players to make it cooler with their escape.

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