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Last Updated: 2022-09-14 Current Version: 6.45.3
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The game is great, and I'm surprised it's possible to be played on mobile considering how detailed it is, but I have one issue. The micro-transactions. I get it. It's a thing of modern games, and why I mostly play games from 2005 area. But 20 USD for a single car skin is insane. Make it cost in-game currency. Not real-life money. People say GTA V is a cash-cow, but at least money is easy to get, and nothing costs real money. Real money is optional. But not in this. Nope.


Great game! Graphics and good, and I like the ways you that you can control the car, but I would really like to expand the maps. Like maybe we could unlock different cities or countrys. Because it gets a little boring, but overall, I like everything about it!


There's only one reason why it's not getting a five star review, consider adding more customization options. Like hoods and side skirts, in short add more customizations. Playing through the game and finding gold to earn cars is fun but once it is done, wraps and colour customization just doesn't make someone feel like it's worth driving or finding coins anymore. Please consider this.

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It is time for the various brands of vehicles by AxesInMotion Racing, and this is Extreme Car Driving Simulator, where you will be simulated into a racing game. This is the exact game that suits all the racing game lovers who will be placed with an advanced real physics engine and so many things to do here. Drive, race, or drift, whatever you would love for, it is free here, and so many stunt actions are wrapped around here while police are thereby chasing you.

Range of Vehicle Brands to Play
If you are a real lover of vehicles, then you know how inspiring their brand is, and we can show our driving skills with brands like Audi, Nissan, or Bugatti here. Even if you are enjoying a calm drive or a racing speed, you can use one of these vehicles to do it in a free driving mode.
There are streets from the huge cities and many pathways that you can choose to drive here, and by making it into more and more rewards, you will be able to have more and more cards unlocked. LDPlayer 9 can be used here to advance the gameplay experience for the next level.

Complete Missions in a Realistic Driving Experience
There are several missions that we have to complete here, and everything here gives a realistic gaming experience for you all. Everything has been designed with the best 3D graphics, and you will even feel the speed with a counter for kilometers per hour. We are free to beat every record at full speed in Extreme Car Driving Simulator, and this will be the next level of gaming by making it a real-time experience for driving.

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