Pixel Car Racer

Studio Furukawa
Last Updated: 2023-02-03 Current Version: 1.2.0

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Really nice game, almost every car guy dream. "Tuning" is the strongest thing in this game and after that is racing... and racing is the problem, drag race is really the only things you can do... but only on begginer mode or advanced. Expert mod ( drag race and tournament) is HARDCORE , what I mean with that, is that npc are on God mode in tournaments, for expert mode you need be fast like Flash... and dyno is useless. And one more problem is menu, you just can't go from garage to dealership atd


I love this game, the whole concept the design, they style and feeling is all great. The only real letdown there has been is the drag tournaments, the idea is great, but I can win 20 normal drags playing manual, but I can't win 1 round on a tournament even though I have tried countless times. I don't think it is a skill issue, I've mastered my shifting time and where is best to use nitro, I've used different cars. Adjusted my boost so my car is a class lowwer to maybe make it easier, they FLY by


This is a fun racing game. It doesn't take itself too seriously. There are a lot of cars so there is something for everyone. It's not a huge time sink like CSR2, and has much better car and engine sounds. This game is really fast, minimal time between screens. Glad I decided to give it a try, but knocking off 1 star for requiring a Facebook login to enable cloud saves.

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Pixel Car Racer is a car assembling offline casual drag racing game created by Studio Furukawa. Pixel Car Racer revs up the retro racing experience with limitless customization options for your dream garage. Assemble your ultimate ride from over a hundred cars and 1000 car parts, and fine-tune it with RPG-style tuning features. LDPlayer 9 is the best emulator to play Pixel Car Racer on PC.


Gameplay That Fits Everyone


You can always count on the helpful advice and guidance of the game's vibrant community as you work your way to the top. If you sign in with your Facebook account, your game data will be saved in the cloud, so you can pick up right where you left off on any device. There is always something new to explore in the game, thanks to the consistent updates that add new content and features.


Multiple game modes are available in Pixel Car Racer, allowing racers of varying skill levels to enjoy the game. Everyone, from racing experts to newcomers, can find something they like here. If you're a fan of cars and are looking for a challenging and nostalgic racing experience, look no further than this game.


Experiment While You Are Working


Pixel Car Racer on PC with LDPlayer's mini mode lets you minimize the game into a corner of your screen to work on new car models or tune your car when you're feeling bored; with Ctrl+Q boss mode, you can quickly hide it if it gets in the way. This is ideal for players who are too busy to devote hours to playing games but still want to keep up with the action.


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