Eternal Evolution

HK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited
Last Updated: 2022-11-22 Current Version: 1.0.79
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The game itself is fantastic, love the heroes, the graphics and combat animations, but the only problem i have is the exp wall. After couple hours of plying i hit the "power lvl" wall, so i need to wait hours to lvl up a bit and hope to progress a little. Please add a way to farm exp trough playing a game mode infinitivley. The passive income isnt enough.


This game looks really nice. Sounds are nice too. UI is very clean. But the game design is not the best. If you hit a wall like you do in these games, you hit it here really hard. There is no way to farm freely, every single thing is walled at the same time. All you can do then is wait for the next dailys and hope you are strong enough to progress some. There is no stamina system, so you are free to try, but you also can't replay old stuff.


Majority of modern and free to play games offer in-game purchases. EE as well, but what I like,not as agressive as other. Not yet, and I hope it stays so...Game - excellent graphics, intuitive and well thought interface. A very cool and eye-catching game. I hope free players will not be "cut off" from a progress too much, in comparison to donators 😅 In either case, thumb up - love design and the characters🤗

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Eternal Evolution is an idle RPG game that is based on strategies. For those who are in love with leading their own armies, this would be the perfect game, and HK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited, as the publisher, made it to be engaged in an eternal universal arena.


You, as a player, will basically be required to play through a battlefield to beat all the monsters, and it is a game that requires you to create a legend. There will be heroes to lead onto this battlefield, and this Sci-Fi world is enriched with many legendary wars you need to handle on your own.


Heroic Arena with Endless Battles on a Fantasy World


You can summon numerous heroes to the game for your battles, and the legendary wars happening in this sci-fi world will be solely defined by them all. The heroes can be evolved into the epic state as well as trained by you, and being the most powerful will make them lead the battles to the best from the arena.


You also have an endless battleground here to handle, and it is a must for the players to evolve their heroes with more power to become stronger from all the times. There will be different enemies to conquer from this fantasy hero world, and the combats are set in an exciting adventure from the fantasy universe. The best emulator, LDPlayer 9, can improve your Eternal Evolution battling experience with the right optimizations.


Better Combat View with More Details


If you want yourself to be played with more details, you better take yourself into LDPlayer 9 for the Eternal Evolution. It makes you enjoy every detail to the best with optimized graphics, and having a wider screen with more optimized visuals will give you a lot of fun.


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