Eternal Evolution Tips with Best Strategies for your Gameplay


Hello to all idle RPG lovers. We have the newest entry for your collection Eternal Evolution where you have to crush all the monsters to clear the path to become a legend. A battlefield is going on here, and you can only summon your victory through the best strategies. The story, the game modes, and the different sections of fighting will only succeed with the best Eternal Evolution tips, and here we are for it.



Eternal Evolution Tips with Best Strategies


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If we talk a bit more about the game as an Eternal Evolution beginner, this is a game that makes you dove into a story in which all the heroes are coming together for a battle. For this, you will have to take a team made out of 5 heroes, and there are so many villains that you have to beat as well as the troops. So, doing the best there doesn’t come with easy points because you have to dive yourself with the best ever strategies you can.


So, here are our Eternal Evolution tips with the best strategies to make yourself more successful in the game, and we are going to showcase to you the right path for the gameplay win. If your aim is to conquer this world, let’s get into this with Eternal Evolution on PC through LDPlayer 9 for the best-ever graphics, and let’s start our tips guide from here.


Summon Your Best Heroes

The heroes iin here can be summoned with two methods. One is diamonds, while the other one is the recruitment cards. If you want to be the best at boss beating and to make more progress, then you have to go for the best heroes from the Eternal Evolution tier list. 


Summon Your Best Heroes


The elite heroes from this game can be earned by using all the recruitments from the game, and you can have the basic recruitments done by using diamonds or purple tickets. Yellow tickets are there to do your advanced recruitment, and there is also limiter recruitment that you can use to have the elite heroes.


There are also heroes you can earn by doing your events, and if you don’t know which heroes to be summoned, then you better aim for the SSR heroes. You cannot earn SSR heroes from all the recruitment methods because they are only being earned through events or with limited recruitment. But still, there are only a few heroes you can earn from the Galactic Arena shop as well as from the Advanced recruitment.


Although your SSS heroes are much more complex to evolve and earn, they will always be your recommended heroes as they are making many more improvements to your gameplay than the others.


Complete your Story and the Missions

Complete your Story and the Missions


There is a storyline that flows with the connections to the game elements here, and as one of the best Eternal Evolution tips, we recommend you all complete it as much as you can. Try to finish off all your stages as well as the chapters from the game, and it is also going to benefit you in several ways.


Completing the story can lead you to have diamonds, gold, as well as soul rubellite, and these are the ones that can give you quick progress from the gameplay.


And then, it is about the missions, there are also several missions that you can take part in from its section, and these carry several tasks to be accomplished by a player. This is also one of the best ways to earn rewards and contributes well toward your gameplay success.


Form a Strong Team

And we have the second tip coming from the Eternal Evolution tips guide, which is the forming team. As we mentioned before, this game is about deploying your teams to the battles. For this, you need to create the most effective teams who will work for the best of your gameplay content. It is okay to choose a hero that is first in your choices, but in general, SSS heroes will do the best for you as they have the most powers among others.


Form a Strong Team


The team that you create has to move forward and bend well for each game mode, and they should do their best for each of these modes. We recommend you avoid making two heroes from the same faction, as it can improve your evolution procedure.


If you don’t have an idea for a standard team, you can use the following recommendations.

  • A Healer like Liran or Serena

  • A Tank like Hercules or Oak

  • One or two Assassins like Soriett, Rakkana, Randal, or Bailey Hudson

  • One or two AOE heroes like Poluno or Omar


The team that we recommend here will do great for you, especially when you have to deal with a boss, and for more focus, we are also recommending Taylor for this matter. If you make him come for the immortal status, he will also be much more powerful. Bailey Hudson, Oak, and Taylor are the most useful heroes you can use on your end game.


How to Spend Your Diamonds?

Next, let’s learn about how we can spend our diamonds. Diamonds are mainly used for recruitment in this game, but there are also some other uses of it. The first one is that you can use them to refill your stamina as they can help you deal with the bosses a lot.


And if you want some runes, diamonds can also be a great method to buy them, and you can use diamonds from the wasteland shops as well as from the goods to buy these runes. This is one of many things you can buy with the use of diamonds because you can also buy some soul potions from your wasteland shop.


Diamonds are also one of the top methods to earn elite hero shards, and make you have your basic recruitment process done.


What Equipment to be Applied for Your Heroes?

Although Eternal Evolution carries auto-playing fights on it, your skills are not automated. You need to do them manually, and you also need to decide how you are going to power up your heroes to the battles. This can be done by equipping your heroes; the next question is that you may need an idea of which equipment you have to use for each of your heroes. So let us give you some recommendations for it from this Eternal Evolution tips guide.


When you have damage dealers with you, you better use the ATK sets on them, and when there are both main and secondary stats and the LP sets, they should be deployed to the healers as well as for the tanks.


What Equipment to be Applied for Your Heroes


But deploying your heroes with weapons needs to be done by having the best idea of your hero skills, and you can see what type of skills you’re holding by referring to their descriptions. If you see that they have the ATK scales, then you are free to use the ATK sets on them, and they will be most suitable for the damage dealers. And when you deploy your defense heroes to the battles, always go for the DEF stats as well as for the values.


When we deploy our teams with heroes like Bailey Hudson and Taylor, you better know that they will benefit massively with the highest crit rates. And there are also heroes like Sorietta who will benefit from these highest crits. So when there is an accuracy associated with the heroes, you better deploy them with debuff equipment.


Upgrade Your Heroes

You need to focus better on upgrading your heroes in Eternal Evolution because there is nothing like an upgrade can do great for your combat. Doing these upgrades can make them reach into more powers, and they will eventually become the most powerful for your team. And please don’t forget about evolving your heroes too.


Upgrade Your Heroes


There will be less cost that takes up for an upgrade as well as for a level up, and if your team comes up with some useful heroes, don’t think twice about upgrading them for the best. They need to be reached for a maximum level up so that you can have an easy yet smoothest victory obtained from your gameplay.



With all these tips and strategies, we have come to the end of our Eternal Evolution tips with the best strategies guide, and do not hesitate to use these tips if you want to mark a victory in the game. While using the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9, for a soothing gameplay experience, try to go with all these tips and ensure your victory.

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