Endless Quest 2 Idle RPG Game

Last Updated: 2022-02-09
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Endless Quest 2 is a 3d anime style akf idle rpg action game.
Casual easy to play, spend 15 minutes a day you can easy join this fantasy adventure.
Even exit the game, heroes nonstop battle for 24 hour, you can obtain rich rewards when next time login.

# Game feature #
* Best time killer mobile game, easy to play, casual idle tap tap games.
* Control or idle, whatever you want.
* At the control mode, you can move character and cast skill, fight with strong monster or some hunter quest, an so on.
* At the idle mode, you can hands free do anything, and let your heroes do the rest!

# Story background #
This is a story about after seven impact, age of magic.
A boy who born in maple town, dreaming become the best knight.
A girl named lilina, is a witch.
They are best friends in childhood, they always team up together to take some quest.
Until that day, peace is breaking, ragnarok is coming, death knight is reviving.
How will they fate? Arena is ready, now start adventure, be your mobile legends.

# Plentiful Dungeon Quest #
Against with powerful monsters, slime king,angels,Titan,...
go deep into dragon nest, large fire dragon quest,
waiting for your conquest.

# Fun Pet System #
* Mysterious pet upgrade line, evolve and train your best partner, become top sao summoner.

# Endless Stages to Challenge #
Expedition, monster hunter quest, sky tower, dungeon quest, devil realm...
Lot of challengeable battle waiting for the heroes.

# Fantasy Equipment Set #
Various equipment sets, the best equipment set is not final fixed.
You need to collect the best equipment sets belong yourself, to be top afk idle heroes.

# Online/Offline #
Support online/offline game mode, you can play lots of game content in no internet.(Some content requires internet support.)
It time to display your sword art.

# Game Support #
Email: endless2_g@163.com
Any problem, please contact with us.

# Required Permission Interpretation #
*Files and media : use for save game data, download game data.
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