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Last Updated: 2022-09-20
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I played the game quite times but there's something an issue on the game, when i open the game, the game doesn't launch it stays on 7/41 it doesn't even budge at all, i hope you can fix this problem at the intro of the game. I'm happy for the game because of the graphics and other things. But you should improve the game even more, so the people who will download the game will have fun playing it.


Controls are sometimes clunky. Capturing a point mode get bugs a lot. Matchmaking are sometimes annoying, like it's just you who works a lot for your team to win, and your teammates just just running aimlessly, shooting at enemies but not killing them at all. Weapons are way too expensive.


I never play FPS games. Theyve just never reslly been fun for me. But this game is great! Its easy to get the hang of the controls and the way the matches are set up, you dont really ever get a match where a massive OP player just destroys everyone. Ive been playing this game the most since ive downl loaded it. Fun game def wrth the try

Well, here you are, fans of shooting games… Strange and action-packed universe Vortex 9 welcomes you! Find yourself in a totally strange and Xtremely attractive world of online games fighting cat-people and speaking robots. Whoa! Is it a demon girl attacking you with a big gun? Who is this guy with a box instead of his head and a bat in his paws? No worries! Get your battle lollipop or a shooting gun and show them who’s the boss of the gun games battlefield!

No more typical things about shooting games online! Stylish brawlers, insane weapons and explosive shooter battles are here in the Vortex 9 — stylized games!

Become a strong brawler in this 3rd person shooter! Choose any hero you’d like to be! Maybe a giant spy Mr Goodboy or vicious Hellen D. Mon or better both? Join Vortex 9 to try playing with all brawlers! Let your journey of the multiplayer games begin!

Vortex 9 - shooting games main features:

- 8 amazing characters: John, Jane, Marvin McSpy, Mr Goodboy, Jess Purrfect, Hellen D. Mon, Mercydroid and Beelzebox.
Customize your hero from head to toe or choose someone special!

- Weaponry: dozens of crazy shooting guns! Atypical melee weapons, heavy machine guns will make you the strongest in online multiplayer games!

- Generics: little helpers in battle! Create your own and join a fight!

- Game modes: Team battle, Deathmatch Solo, Capture point - get a gun and join the battle! And that’s not all! More and more modes of online games are coming!

- Various maps: brawl in a variety of beautiful locations within the 3rd person shooter universe! Enjoy marvelous graphics in this shooter.

- Play with friends: make fights more fun and intense together in multiplayer games!

Online multiplayer games have never been so dynamic and exploding! No boring heroes with simple pistols, just wacky atmosphere of combat! Vortex 9 leaves no chance to you for routine shooter game. Show your individuality with the characters, it’s time for the new you!

Grab Space Minigun, jump into the brawl battle!

See you exploring the fantastic universe of Vortex 9!
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