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Last Updated: 2021-07-05 Current Version: 8.0.0
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Good game perfect graphic


No English or now way to change it to English


I really like this game the forst time i played

Back to the super track, NPH Gamota brings to the Vietnamese gaming community - Thien Long Sword 2, an online game that is covering all fronts. It is difficult to find an opponent capable of competing with Thien Long Sword 2 at this time, when the number of players increases rapidly, the great battles of thousands of people have not stopped for many days and most especially… the spillover effect. extremely "HOT" is still reaching into every corner, attracting crazy fans of MMORPG.

"FIRE" 99% of competitors in the market because:

1. Hunting Vip to Vip - Win eats all!
NPH Gamota has "ordered" privately with a partner, creating a new feature - Hunting Vip to Vip. This will be the first and only time to appear in the online game market in Vietnam, a super product that realizes the dream of many plowmen for a long time. The opportunity to compete fairly with the giants has officially landed!
This is the basis for Thien Long Kiem 2 for opponents such as Giang ho Truyen Ky, Vltk, Vo Lam 1, Liet Hoa, Ngu Tuyet, Tru Tien... Inhale smoke. What are you waiting for without trying, experience Thien Long Sword 2 to see the quintessence of the first half of 2021.

2. Fairy Ma Chien 1000 vs 1000
In addition to the super large, super fierce battlefields, Thien Long Sword 2 also brings Tien Ma Chien, an undissolved PK arena with a scale of up to 1000 vs 1000. Players can freely assert their fighting skills, Register yourself on the server yellow board and write the serial number. Memories of a long time, a lot of money, a lot of fun, and a lot of memories come flooding back on the mobile role-playing game. And don't forget, it is from such "sleepless" competitions that there are predestined relationships that have become reality...

3. Conquer King - Master the whole server
Thien Long Sword 2 is a game where the winner will have all the majesty, no need to be a giant to top up billions, you can still be respected and feared by the whole server. How does Dat Ba Vuong work, how to fight, please stop #spoil. Just know that, if you win in this place, your power will be absolute, the whole server will have to obey for a week continuously...

4. The "ancestor" of the plowing industry goes to Vip
If you've ever experienced the first version of Thien Long Kiem, which was released a few years ago, you will understand where the concept of "plowing into Vip" comes from. Following the very popular quintessence, Thien Long Kiem 2 continues to bring the "vegetarian plow to Vip" to re-appear. Players just need to work hard, daily plow hoes still level up Vip is real! This strength of Thien Long Kiem 2 eats away other competitors of the same type such as Tuyet Kiem, Thuc Son, Vo Lam 1 Mobile, Vltk, Kiem the, Tan Minh Chu...

5. Guild of Winds - Brothers of one heart
A super product like Thien Long Sword 2 will be indispensable for the interaction mechanism between players and players. It can be friendships, couple love, Boss hunting together, taking over the village, rolling on the battlefield, fighting... Working together to build a strong guild, flaunting prestige and conquering more territories, just like in clam kiem, pride, vltk.

6. 999 Fashion 888 Pets 666 Dharma Jewels
A fashion store with countless trendy outfits is waiting not only for men but also for many hot girls to come and discover. Equipped with all super "genuine" 3D technology, the look in the game must be called difficult to criticize. Long and phoenix are all enough. And not to mention, the first half of love? Thien Long Sword 2 wants to realize this. Great, excellent, wonderfull!

Launched for nearly 2 months, Thien Long Sword 2 continuously reaps impressive achievements. Don't wait any longer, download the game today!
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