Higan: Eruthyll

Last Updated: 2022-11-23
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Bilibili has made another game to the strategy game world as Higan: Eruthyll, and it is a card game from a 3D creative aspect. It comes with a fantastic story on it, and this is a game that suits all anime lovers. More cut scenes, anime, and an enjoyable story will sharpen the gameplay for all the players, and it assures anyone to give a real casual experience with a cozy feeling for sure.

3D Strategy Card Game within a Real-Time Aspect
Higan: Eruthyll game is considered a card game, with real-time gameplay scenes on it and this anime-related world called the planet Eruthyll. It will be a magical journey carried by the players, and it has been inspired by vintage art style to make players dive into a magic tech setting. With a protagonist seeking superpowers, this game is known to be a world filled with magic and superpowers.
For diving, the best experience for this magical world is the LDPlayer 9, and it will give you all the optimizations that the players are required to earn from the gameplay.

Pretty Waifus and Challenging Game Modes
A lot of game modes will be there with Higan: Eruthyll, where the players have to engage with beautifully designed anime waifus. All these waifu roles are anime-inspired and are placed here to make your gameplay into another level of gaming experience with their beauty.
And for all the game modes, this waifus will help the players to do their best, and players have to be ready from all their costs to unleash their best performance here because not every game mode is the same. Some will guarantee to put you into the most challenging levels as well. But everything will be made out of fun in this magical world.

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