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Ad not available... It's getting old watching a 30 second video and then at the end it tells you "Ad not available " and no reward. I've been on the same level for awhile, I'll probably just uninstall and move on. Ok, this game is great, they do help you pass levels without paying. Problem now is, I've been playing a hard level and it took a while to pass. I finally passed, won the level. Now I'm stuck playing the level again. I don't want to deal with it again.


I originally started playing Candy Crush Saga in 2012. It was fun and engaging. I played it off and on for several yrs then lost interest. I decided to download it again about a month ago. It's just not the same. You use to be able to beat levels with strategy, now it's all about the money. It's boring and uninteresting when you have to make purchases to beat certain levels. Also, have had several issues with moves being taken away when when using boosters. Not near as fun anymore. Disappointed


I reinstalled this for the nostalgia, but it's too hard to be any fun anymore. Every fifth level, if not less, is "nightmarishly hard" and 100% designed to make you pay to win. You don't get lucky, three of your moves are locked behind advertisements, and even the win streak bonus isn't enough for a win. I had to look one level up online just to see if it was possible, and you'd never believe it. The browser version of candy crush gets more moves per level. Uninstalled after a week.

Run Candy Crush Saga on PC
It is time to move some candies to the matching pieces by King with Candy Crush Saga. This is a free to play game that takes you into tile-catching aspects, and millions of players are now moving candies here with this amazing puzzle game. Every switch will be made for the candies to be matched, and this is an adventure for reaching the next level. All the feelings are sweet, and it is time to match 3 or more candies together. So many candies are to be collected from so many levels, and the more you go, the more you crave.

Crave More Win More
Switching and matching candies doesn’t end up with just one turn because there are many more candies to reveal. Every match you make can make you closer to the next levels, and once you step into the next levels, you are going to see that there are a lot of other sweets to reveal. It is always a surprise because so many sweets are here to be discovered with each level, and the Candy kingdom will be added with more sugar fixes every two weeks.
With each candy you reveal with each level, you will be rewarded with more offers. A daily reward and a daily booster wheel are here to have some tasty rewards for free, and you are free to take part in limited challenges. And then, more rewards will come for you to earn boosters, and those are helping you to level up. For a more precise experience with the best optimizations acquired, LDPlayer 9 will be the best emulator to play the Candy Crush Saga game.

So Many Challenges to Take Part
There are many ways that you can practice to play here, and many more game modes are also coming with Candy Crush Saga to make your sweet play more. Swap and match; every sweet surprise will be yours.

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