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The game is honestly great. Animations are fluid and impactful, the gameplay is kind of standard in terms of ARPGs from what I've played but it's not necessarily a bad thing. I had some issues with the rough launch and I can see why it got low ratings right away. But now the game is definitely better, smoother, and not much issues. My only problem is the text boxes in the UI being too small; you have to swipe to scroll through the text. I think if they were bigger it would be easier to read.


It's really smooth and fun to play. Unique equips to change how your character play or what makes them strong. Lots of different modes to play. Loading screen is really fast no longer than 5 seconds. The energy to play the story starts to increase a little too high for my liking. Once you're around chapter 5 it cost like 40 out of 160 that you have. It's a bit much. Also I haven't felt "weak" yet as I got pretty far and most gachas you hit the wall pretty face pressuring you to spend money.


Good engaging story so far, easy controls to get the hang of, fun and interesting characters, voiced bond stories which is a big win, alot of content to keep you busy for quite awhile. Edit: only complaint is the text in the story cuts off near the end of some sentences leaving context on the floor sometimes, the non spoken parts when using auto for the story goes by way too fast, and it doesn't register your touch when trying to advance story for several taps. Having to tap 10 times sometimes

Play Aether Gazer on PC

The newest ARPG game that has been mixed up with different RPG elements is the Aether Gazer, and this is brought to you by the Xiamen Yongshi Network Technology Co to beat the enemies who have destroyed our earth. The game is currently in its pre-registration period, and you have a team with yourself now to fight against the Shihai. There are several survivors who have remained in this world, and while fighting, you will have to do your best to protect them too. LDPlayer 9 is the best emulator to play Aether Gazer on PC.

Real-Time Combat with More Enemies

Since the peace of this world has already been destroyed, you are given an ultimate goal to protect this land, and there will be so many real-time combats that you may have to take part in this game. There are different enemies that you will have to fight with your team, and you are going to be offered different types of heroes with different styles of attacks too.

There will be both single and special attacks that you can perform during a battle, and several final bosses will make it very hard to beat too. The whole gameplay is made out by following a manga style, which makes it the best gameplay has taken through Aether Gazer.

The Best Control for Your Combat

If you want to become more powerful in your combat, then be ready to be fluent with your controls, and now it can be done with the use of LDPlayer 9. The Keyboard Mapping is all you need, and it can set you up with customized controls for all your actions as well as movements.

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How to Download and Install Aether Gazer on PC

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