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Last Updated: 2022-10-28 Current Version: 1.2.7
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【Lineage M Introduction】
•Epic adventure set in the fantasy world of Aden continent
• Unique world view made up of unique occupations and blood alliances
• Link up with Blood (Clan) mates and beat bosses
• Defeat powerful enemies and engage the world in a struggle

【How to enjoy】
Lineage M is an online game where you can enjoy the real-time battles and hunts of open world fantasy in your smartphone.
Designed to be played for long periods of time, players can gather and form a blood clan (clan) as they grow, and they want to become stronger.
Alliances are created to defeat powerful enemies, fighting to take over the castle, and eventually into a great struggle involving the whole world.
There is each person's drama like negotiating, co-op, and betrayal.

You can also run a blood alliance for your friends.
It's also good to spend time as a mercenary and alone.
You can become a hero to save a horde.

Enjoy the experience just for you, like the swells of the big rivers of time!

■ Game System
The story begins where you choose your profession (class): "Monarch", "Knight", "Magician", "Elf", "Dark Elf", "Guitar", "Dragonist", "Dark Knight" or "Holy Swordsman".
Join forces in a world where thousands and tens of thousands of people need to cross, embark on an adventure through the dungeons while defeating powerful enemies.

■ Blood Alliance (Clan)
By joining a bloody alliance, an indispensable community in Lineage M, you get a lot of fun.
Help your buddies or share fun with them.
In addition, Blood Alliance Raid challenges you to defeat powerful boss monsters.

■ Struggle
Not only PvP and penalties like PvP but also GvG where you will fight with a large number of strategies will be excited.

■ Economy System
The items you have earned can be sold in the store in the game, and you can sell and buy other players through the exchange.
This balances demand and supply and allows you to create your market.
Items you own become assets and you can feel like economy in a real world.

■ Cast
Atsushi Abe / Shizuka Ito / Yo Tadao Ozuka / Takuya Sato / Taketo Samahe / Ayaki Takeda / Tsubasa Daiyo and others

[Game Environment]
Android 4.4+
※ Even if you meet the above requirements, it may not function properly depending on the device performance and network connection.
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