Lineage 2M pre-registrations to start soon: Global release on November 25, 2021

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Lineage 2M is an MMORPG, originally made and designed as a PC game back in 2003 and now has entered the mobile platform. The game will have better features and visuals compared to that the original game. The gameplay experience will also gain a considerable upgrade and will ensure the player base is not disappointed. Pre-registrations for Android and iOS have started only in several regions like Europe and North America.


Another game named Lineage W, which NCSOFT is developing, is also being planned for a global launch. But do not confuse this game for Lineage 2M because both are very different games. The game is still being worked on, and the developers have yet to announce its global release officially.


A tweet from the developers showed us a short insight into the game in a trailer. The tweet started a new era for mobile MMORPGs is coming; hence we can expect some cool new features and world explorations. Also, the closed beta sign-up of the game starts from October 6, 2021, which will help get some closer insights into the game.


How's the gameplay overall?

The new release has a very rich environment and great visual aesthetics. The game is extremely 'good looking,' and the gameplay experience is also quite realistic. All this added makes the overall gameplay experience quite extraordinary.


The game is basically in a world where war has ripped everything apart, and there are mainly two major continents due to which huge numbers of players can take part in massive battles. And the best part is the graphics being so realistic will ensure every player experiences the best of the game.


It features a virtual world that is so realistic that players can experience physical immersion in 4k UHD, which is the highest definition available on mobile devices. This game absolutely exceeds the limitations of its platform.


Lineage 2M pre-registrations to start soon: Global release on November 25. 2021


As per developers, more than ten thousand players can meet at a particular place and fight in massive battles. Gaming experts have claimed that the game is anticipated to have all the existing thirty-one classes from the original version.


The tweet by the developers also mentioned that the players could enjoy "Travel a vivid, war-torn world spanning across two continents." So definitely, the signs seem positive and great conquest will be waiting for the players to explore.


The game has already been launched in various regions, including Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, parallel to their "Purple" cross-play service feature." This service enables players to switch between platforms that let a cross-platform play between PC and mobile versions of the game.


Lineage 2M Closed Beta arriving soon 

The closed beta will take place on October 6, 2021, but it is still unknown which regions will the closed beta occur in. The only way players can try out the game is to pre-register or pre-order and just be patient until they are invited to try out the game. And of course, a reward of 500 soul shots which is a necessary in-game resource, will be given for pre-registered players.


Players who have previously played a lot of MMORPGs must definitely try out this game and pre-register, provided it is made available to the specific region. The official website in the English language has some issues currently, but once it starts working again, an update on the situation will be provided.


In case you are curious about how people are reacting- the pre-registrations have already crossed the 7 MILLION mark in South Korea itself. The last day to pre-register is November 24, 2021 (Wednesday). Also, the pre-download of the game will be available for players from November 25, 2021 (Thursday). We're sure you have already started counting the number of days left!


As per reports published by various gaming news websites, NCSOFT has confirmed the timing for the pre-download as 11:00 hours (GMT+8) [11:00 AM], and the opening time for the server will be 26th November 2021 (Friday) - 23:00 hours (GMT+8) [11:00 PM].


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