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Start as a knight, set foot on this vast and immortal continent, lead your nation to victory in battle, and eventually grow into a legion commander commanding thousands of troops, a king who rules one side, or a mysterious and powerful dragon knight.

As a knight, you have learned the essence of mounted combat since you tame your first mount. Cooperate closely with the various shapes of the mounts under the seat, and hit the enemy under the horse.

Gather your allies and form a mighty legion against mighty world bosses, and when you need help, be sure to summon them to the battle.

Through fierce and strategic battles, become the commander of a legion or even the king of the nation, appoint your subordinates as nation officials, and run your nation together with them until the entire continent is captured.

Here, make your most unforgettable gaming partner and spend a wonderful gaming years together. Collect exclusive titles and outfits to match your character and make you and your partner unique.

Receive a large number of gift codes and in-game rewards for free, collect various characteristic pets to enhance your abilities, participate in PVP activities, and easily occupy the leaderboard.

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