Valor Legends: Idle RPG

Epic Idle roleplay game with simple 3D graphics.
Century Games PTE. LTD.
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Version VARY
Updated on 2024-03-22
Rating 3.3
Category Role Playing
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Downloads 2K+
Valor Legends: Idle RPG Description
Are you ready for the thrilling challenges ahead of you on the land of Oasis?
Drag your heroes to place them on the battlefield, wiping out the Shadow forces and bringing peace back to the Oasis.

Over 70 Heroes from five distinct factions await! Build your squad, level up the heroes and train them to supremacy

✔️The idle gameplay gives you plenty of relaxing time!
Set up your lineup and the Heroes will defeat rivals automatically.
Send Heroes to bounty offer to get bonus while you are away.

✔️Simple Strategies. Easy to operate.
Deploy your heroes on the right rows in tactical battles, with just a few swipes on the screen.

✔️Endless adventures ahead of you.
Embark on your amazing adventure in the Oasis to fight the Shadow forces, and reveal the mysterious truth of Oasis.

Explore the Mysterious Realms! Collaborate with other players online in the Guild War! Challenge players around the world in the Glory Arena!
Loads of specially designed events are held regularly.

Feel free to join our community for the latest updates and exclusive gift codes!





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Comments about Valor Legends: Idle RPG Android Version
Allows adds that do not give an option to close and attempt to force you to download. Denies rewards that are supposed to be given for watching adds when you have to close the app due to no option to close an add after it finishes playing and only gives an option to download the app being advertised. Allows adds that play for up to 45 seconds. No actual battle play. Entertaining enough.
Like other reviews state, this is a shining example in the genre gameplay-wise, and it's a lot of fun, but when that pay wall hits, it hits hard. Progress grinds to a halt unless you're willing to drop a lot of money. Even monthly packs don't supply enough to progress at a decent rate, and you'll never get the top level heroes unless you pay. In the end, just like any other pay to win game out there. After over a month of zero growth without paying, I'm finally uninstalling. Good riddance.
There's all sorts of extra games it forces you to go over and play. I downloaded it for 1 particular ad, and it's a serious of mini games. They're good quality, but I'm not interested in most of them. They seem to be a bunch of different games you see in different ads, all shoved in one. Annoying. Also, pay wall seems inevitable based on all other reviews. No thanks. Deleted almost immediately.
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