King of HeroWars

a fun and light strategy, adventure turn-based single-player game.
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King of HeroWars Description
King of HeroWars is a fun and light strategy, adventure turn-based single-player game.
In the game, players play as someone who committed a "murder" out of love and had to leave the castle. Later, they were chased by debt collectors and had to find partners, occupy villages, and live every day paying off debts. Eventually, they learned the king's secret and launched a rebellion. In this game, players can hire partners of different professions, DIY child-rearing, interesting equipment synthesis operations, classic combat experience, and rich and interesting random events. Hire powerful mercenaries and rebel together!
[Game Features]
Classic turn-based combat, set up the lineup to fight, and fully automated combat.
Equipment synthesis, each equipment made is random, good or bad, solely based on luck.
Diverse professions, with more than 40 different professions, mercenaries of different professions can be combined into different lineups.
can quickly cultivate stronger partners.
Funny plot and dialogue.
Mercenary development, caught mercenaries can be "trained", or have normal conversations. Once the friendliness level is high enough, they can become partners.

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