Ragnarok X: Rise of Taekwon

New Class — A Dazzling Debut of Taekwon
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Updated on 2024-03-27
Rating 3.9
Category Role Playing
Package name com.play.rosea
Downloads 200K+
Ragnarok X: Rise of Taekwon Description
Carrying forward the legacy of the classic masterpiece, authorized by Gravity from South Korea. The 3D MMORPG mobile game Ragnarok X: Next Generation is about to set off! With a complete selection of classes and new maps, let's embark on your own fantasy journey of the next generation!

======Game Features======
◆New Class - Taekwon Is Live
Fists of Taekwon, standing strong and striking hard.
Experience the taste of the thrilling sensation of striking and strong control.
◆First Top-Up Bonus Reset
Never seen before, experience the first top-up surprise once again.
Top-up bonuses are available to everyone.
◆Another Home System Upgrade
Better and richer home details.
Go wild with the decoration while enjoying the fun of being a homeowner.
◆Return of the Hyper Return Event
Instant Return Level Boost — Skyrocket your power.
Max level is within your reach.
◆Upgraded and Optimized Infinite Showdown
A new experience of the PVP.
Enjoy infinite fun with quick matchmaking!
◆Adventures with Adorable Pets
Optimized Pet System with 100% pet taming rate.
Embark on an adventure with your pets!
※This is a F2P game with in-game currency and item purchases. Please make considered purchases and do not exceed your financial wherewithal.

======Contact Us======
Official Website: http://www.ragnarokx.com
FB Fans Group: https://www.facebook.com/RagnarokXNextGeneration
Customer Service: cs@roxnextgeneration.com

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Comments about Ragnarok X: Rise of Taekwon Android Version
As a free to play player after 2years played. I realise that this game really enjoyed to play. I use to be complained before. I as full white tier equipment user, really enjoy it. Low material needed, no need much cards or refine etc. (on-progress, step by step progress) I only do like ascending, enchantment and upgrading. Great progress then before. Love it. Thanks RoX.♥️
Quite a lot of improvement since the last time I played. I also suggest that in mentor system, there should be a way to adjust the level temporarily to match the student for the mentor to get the same items and exp along with the student thus promoting the feature. It will also would open more opportunities when the servers merged. Keep the current equipped items and skills of mentor when adjusting the level for them to get upper hand.
Incorrect game resource information - 501102 🙏🙏Please pixie my game Went the game was update yesterday my game are not loading to open the game 🤔🤔🤔Please check the game before you launch, nothing happen!!!! Stupid games! when the games update my character move very slow-motion movement and nothing happens very much log log log log and log 😏😏😠😠
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