CookieRun: Kingdom

Build your Cookie Kingdom and team! An epic town building & adventure RPG game
Devsisters Corporation
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Version 4.5.002
Updated on 2024-04-29
Rating 4.6
Category Role Playing
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Downloads 334K+
CookieRun: Kingdom Description
Meet our Cookies, all voiced by an amazing cast of voice actors
Witness their epic skills, fall in love with their voices, and dress them into new chic costumes.
Join the Cookies in CookieRun: Kingdom!

The secrets of the ancient Cookies and their kingdoms are waiting to be unraveled.
Join GingerBrave and his friends against Dark Enchantress Cookie and her dark legion.
The chronicles of CookieRun: Kingdom have just begun!

Choose from a great variety of unique decors to design the Kingdom of your dreams.
Produce materials, craft items, arrange all sorts of activities—the vibrant kingdom life awaits!

Create the ultimate Cookie team with endless combinations of Treasures and Toppings
Prove your battle skill in the Kingdom Arena, Cookie Alliance, Super Mayhem, and Guild Battles!
Come up with different strategies to emerge victorious!

Reach the top of the ranking table with your fellow guildmates.
Expand your guild's Domain and collect Guild Relics to become the strongest guild there is!

[Required Access]
For Android 10 devices or older:
Storage: allows the app to install the game and save game data

For Android 11 devices or newer:
※ If you play the game as a guest, your game data will be deleted upon deleting the app.

[Denying Access]
Select Allow or Deny in Settings, Privacy, or the selected permission

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Comments about CookieRun: Kingdom Android Version
I enjoy the game very much. I love the gacha system, I love the events, the art is beautiful to look at, and the game is easily addictive. However, my main gripe is that my account gets reset randomly with updates. I've had 3 resets so far, first of which hurt the most because it had nearly a year of progress. (Including having event exclusive cookies from the Disney and BTS collab) It's frustrating, I want to keep playing, but my account just got reset again with the Town Square update.
Love, love, love this game. The designs, the kingdom customization, the story, the characters are all so captivating- it can keep me occupied for hours. But sometimes it can get repetitive and occasionally even boring from time to time. Occasional crashes too. The wait times on this game can also be so tedious, but that shouldn't stop anyone from trying out the game for themselves!
I'm not really liking the town center update on the game. It's very glitchy, but the chat feature beats any other issue hands down. the amount of times I've seen people propositioning people for s*x, pictures, or things of the like, is astounding. Even if you report the person, another one pops up in the feed. I hope like hell that a child or a young person doesn't run across someone like that while trying to play
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