Valor Clash

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Rating 4
Category Role Playing
Package name com.hyl.civre
Downloads 5+
Valor Clash Description
Save as many civilians as possible and get them out of harm's way!
Recruit your heroes, build elite teams, and form your heroes to defeat evil forces on the battlefield.


1. Idle System
Set your heroes training while you’re away. When you return to your phone, they will be stronger.No complicated gestures or strategies needed. Let your army of heroes fight and amass riches for you. All it takes is ten minutes a day!

2. Tons of Content

Build cities, modify vehicles, simulate training, explore the continent, plenty of gameplay to discover.

3. Passionate alliances
Challenge the powerful alliance BOSS! With other players to form a strongest alliance, mutual help, to create a legendary alliance!

4. Rescue action
Control your hero, avoid obstacles in the way, choose the right path, rescue more civilians!

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