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Enjoy the anime rpg in Blue Archive combines military, battle, animation
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Version 1.36.120365
Updated on 2024-04-23
Rating 4.4
Category Role Playing
Package name com.nexon.bluearchive
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Blue Archive Description
A Story Kept Within the Heart
Youth x Academy x Military anime RPG = Blue Archive

You have been appointed as an advisor to the Federal Investigation Club, Schale, located in Kivotos. It's a huge academy city where numerous academies are clustered together.
Resolve the endless incidents that occur in Kivotos with charming anime allies full of personality, and build special memories with them!

■ 3D battles with cute anime characters, prove your rpg strategy
3D real-time rpg battles of anime students with detailed animations rpg and skill cutscenes will keep you glued to the screen!
Consider your team’s abilities, terrain, strategy and synergy from each character to guide them to victory anime rpg with your rpg strategic leadership!

■ The more you get to know them, the more charming your anime allies get
The more time you spend with each anime character, the deeper the bond.
Interact using the in-game messenger, Momo Talk, and discover new charming secrets!
Various anime students are waiting for you in anime rpg of Blue Arcive to be their Sensei in an academic life!

■ An exciting rpg story that gets you curious about how it will all unfold
Loveliness x Students x Friendship
An unpredictable main rpg story in anime rpg of Blue Archive about the anime girls' friendship, love, and thrilling military action rpg adventures!
Discover a miracle within the wild daily academy lives of these anime characters through relationship stories that can reveal their innermost feelings in anime rpg of Blue Archive, as well as sub stories that show the daily lives of various clubs!

Experience the academic life with Blue Archive, enjoy the this anime rpg games

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*For the best gaming experience, the following specs are recommended: Android OS 9.0 or higher / Galaxy Note 8 or higher / 6GB RAM required

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Comments about Blue Archive Android Version
The story, both main and events, was superb at every moment. The auto gameplay felt simple but enjoyable at times activating/watching character ults. However, ever since the newest update, I can no longer play as the game will always crash on startups even when I try to reinstall and clear caches. Which is kind of terrible as I already spent a lot on this game.
The game keeps crashing during the loading screens. It is always just as it is about to load me in. I have made sure to have enough storage, and have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times. It is a shame since I am a returning player who hasn't kept up with the game since September and was really looking forward to the festival event, since I missed it last year. :(
Blue Archive definitely gives a more refreshing style of gameplay. The characters are adorable; also voiced by some very popular voice actresses. The story in particular keeps me immersed and entertained. Edit: Been playing for a year now, and I've reached level 87. The game is 100% F2P friendly (though I spent a little). I can assure those who are thinking of playing that everything about Blue Archive is amazing. Don't think. Just download and experience it for yourselves! 10/10
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