World of Warships Blitz War: The Best Ships Guide


When it comes to World of Warships Blitz War, the best part is that we can unlock so many ships and discover them through the sea. Since this is a combat game, it is essential to test and unlock ships that will be favourable for our gameplay , and they need to excel in better. That is how we can conquer the victory.





So what ship will be your go-to choice in this World of Warships Blitz War? It is something personal, and sometimes players may want to work through tech-free, and some may want to have a class that becomes their speciality. 

Don't worry. There are multiple selections that the developers of this game let us choose to excel better.

So don't be scared to excel in your war. We have the complete roster of warships that will be tuned out to hold the most powerful guns, the formidable torpedoes, etc. 

So if you have been stuck on a place to choose which would be better working towards your World of Warships Blitz War, read this guide, and we will tell you the best ones for each category.

MK. II US Destroyer, Sampson as a Best Concealment

If a player can be out of their enemy's sight, that would be perfect for most situations as they can survive. So if you want to be hidden in a better way, you will do your best by MK. the boat which you would be able to unlock in the early phases of your game,


The Sampson is a ship that is lightly armoured and armed, so you may not want to have a battle with the opposition ships. But remember, it has guns and torpedo tubes on it. So it will give you some better navigation on your fights.

MK. US Battleship, Montana with the Best Guns

What players need to learn first in World of Warships Blitz War is that they have to learn how to fire correctly. It is a natural ability that you can use to perform well in the battles and gravitate towards the ships with most of those powers. 


So if you look at these two ships, it is enough to make a great blast as there are three gun turrets. Those are enough to blow everything up on your enemies. Use these two and feel the most incredible power of blasting. That is what these two have majored in. 

You can learn better to beat in the battle by checking our top tips .

MK. X Japanese Battleship, Yamato for the Survivability

If you can't control your enemies, at least you must take them to you. That is what the ship Yamato does, and it can do it for a while in the battles. MK. X is the king of all Japanese battleships, and it has so many big guns and the capabilities to perform great anti-aircraft skills. 


That is how you can dish enemies, and those Japanese ships are all-rounder ships that will be handy for everything. And need not say that they are the powerful ships in this game.

MK. X Japanese Cruiser, Zao for Best Torpedo Tubes


Cruisers can be known as the jack for all the trades around World of Warships Blitz War classes. But this MK. X Japanese Cruiser earns the highest title on it within an exciting area. There is no other dangerous barrage of torpedoes you will see in another ship, just like the ones with Zao. So make it useful in your battles.

MK. V Japanese Destroyer, Mutsuki for a Best Vulnerability

Once, an enemy ship goes to battle with this MK. V Japanese Destroyer ships, there is no return. Then this Mutsuki has to be prepared with a major main unless a player is at the helm. It is one of the speediest and agile ships and will be very hard to detect by others. 

This ship comes with a pack of decent torpedo tubes, which helps them boot surprisingly.


MK. X Aircraft Carrier. Midway as the Best Group for Carrier Aircraft

If you are concerned about your enemy ship's massiveness and its big size, choose Midway since it will help you a lot. It can boast so many planes to launch an attack and come with big anti-aircraft barriers to prevent it from falling. It may take some time to unlock, but it is totally worth the wait for sure.

St. Louis as a Best Cruiser

For players looking for the best cruiser to use in their early stages, you need to stop at St. Louis. It may be slower than you expect, but it is packed with so many guns around it. 

It can boast significant firepower and will have access to AP ammo and the HE. Don't take its slowness for a grant, as it will be the heaviest battleship in this group.

St. Louis has a great defence on it with tremendous firepower and will toe anything it seems above from its tier list for sure. Most of the destroyer type ships are getting reel when a volley from this shop has struck them, and St. Louis performs the well-placed shots as well.

Nassau as a Best Battleship

This German Nassau is nothing but strong with the most substantial firepower and high impregnable defence capabilities. 


This ship is a powerful one to unlock by the player, and what makes it shine is its secondary weapons. Those secondary weapons can automatically fire, which will be added to their overall firepower.

There is not so special about the way you handle these battleships since a player just only needs to penetrate them into enemies' territories deep. 

And you must not miss any single shot. Your enemies may try to fire at you, so you should always be ready to tank all the hits. While these enemies are trying to sink you, your team members will work for it for your luck, and it makes the best part of this World of Warships Blitz War.

To excel better with your battles, you can use the Keyboard Macro Command feature here, as it can set one key function to perform several actions. So make your way and paths easier by making the battles so accessible.



That ends our best ships guide on this amazing battle game, World of Warships Blitz War. So that now you know how to perform well by using them all, it is up to you to make your battles smoother and reach victory with your best effort.

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