Awaken: Chaos Era How to Get Extra Advanced Shards?


Come to play a fantastic game from Century Games Publishing which has been wrapped up with a mystical theme to go with battles. It is the new RPG shined to the role-playing world, and this is the new adventure game that you can battle, defeat and fight against monsters.




So with the fresh start of Awaken: Chaos Era, which landed for the global audience, it is now time to learn the important features of the game. So this guide is dedicated for you to earn some extra advanced shards. 

Let’s see how you can make some extra advanced shards without spending anything. It has been connected with the resources that players still didn’t realize.

So let’s look at how to earn these advanced shards for free.


First of all, we have to understand a summon in this game. For a summoning, players have to go on their main screen and touch the icon which shows them a tiny dragon. That is the place where you can see three summon variants, and you can take them for your gameplay.


Here, the first option will be the Advanced summon. Players can use those yellow-coloured Advanced summon crystals for a single to summon, or they can multiply a one from it to have ten crystals. This is how a player can take more Legendary, Epic, or Elite heroes from their game. Or it can be other types of heroes as well.

Normal summon is the second option you see here, and it has got another chance on getting multiple types of heroes. Players can use their blue summon crystals to perform a summoning here. The system is more likely to have the first option, and you will have 1 to 10 crystals for your try.


Third and the last one is the Limited summon. This is an option where it earns you specific heroes by performing a summon. You can use stardust on taking 1 to 10 tries.

Altar and Banishment

After a player has used their summoning crystals, they have to step into the Altar menu. The altar menu is placed on the navigation bar, and you should be able to take more advantage of your new heroes. 

Don’t ever forget to use your free summons, which you earned to use every day. Players can promote from the Altar menu for their leading and their second team.

There is another option called hero synthesis as well. This is more like a promotion option for using the elites. If a player wasn’t to combine their other heroes with a legendary one from their list, they could use summon to get them.

Your third option will be banishment. There are 3000 slots for a player. And those all are filled with so many different heroes from Awaken: Chaos Era. While these players are making their summons, they can reach for the number of heroes placed here.

For clearings, you just have to banish commons and the rare. Players can do it automatically using a button called Quick Select. If you can banish your heroes, it can earn you more bonuses.

How to Earn Extra Advanced Shards?

So far, we have explained the early process to get into advanced shards, and now we will see how you can earn them. Suppose you have some normal summoning shards that give you some Commons or Crappy greens. 

Then start on spam, click them and open. If a player wants to save them, he can do it and save them for something later. But make sure to save them for things you can do.

Once a player has their heroes, they will go into the Altar. There, they will banish anything common. They can either banish a rare or a grey outline.

And if a player crushes for a rare item that has a green outline on it, it will give them the tokens of blue hero essence. So now they can go through it and crunch. Moreover, they are able to have gold by doing this. It will not cost gold for shards opening so that any layer can get into them slowly.


If a player wants to do it, they can banish their blues. But this is something that we don’t recommend for now. Sometimes, these blues are very necessary for some phases. But still, there is a chance to go through them all and open the shards.

So after these all, you can again go to the Altar, and there you will be able to summon 10x, and it will be somewhat speedy. You just need to spam click through your singles, and all the green heroes will be the banishment shards.

Once a player takes these 40 shards, they will make themselves have 40 banishment shards. These shards are more likely flammable, and you can only gain them by farming.

Then again, it is time to go to your main screen and click the tavern guy on going to the market. You can go down from the hero essence shop along with the tokens you got from crappy shards. 

You will buy good ones and advanced summoning shards by using them all. And this is the way you can make yourself earn needed shards to have a legendary hero by only opening those normal shards.

To make these all so easier and make use of these game functions better, we recommend using the Multi-Instance Sync feature from LDPlayer. 


It will create multiple instances from your game, and it will be more than one based on your PC’s features. You can utilize this feature to make your gameplay easier, and playing the game simultaneously from different instances will be nothing but an advantage to make gameplay smoother.


So that concludes our guide to take extra advanced shards from Awaken: Chaos Era, and we genuinely believe that this guide will guide you for the better. It is now your time to do what we said exactly and make your game progress onto a real. Have your most amazing gameplay by following these all tips.

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