Tips: Always be a winner as an impostor in Among Us


Always winning as an Impostor isn’t a cup of cake, as it requires proper planning of killing crewmates without being detected, and making your visibility among others right after a kill to confirm you’re not a killer. Therefore, firstly you should need some best strategies regarding how to kill others silently without leaving any clue behind you, although it’s tricky but not impossible as many players are already doing so. Among Us is a party-based video game that plays between two teams of players – first will assume the role of a criminal, while others are survivors and must save their lives by detecting the impostor. Without imposing the criminal, they’re not safe and may be killed anytime.


How to always win as an impostor in Among Us


Furthermore, the game puts four to ten players in a spaceship crew, whom one of three members are an impostor whose ultimate goal is to kill others while others are trying to escape without being eliminated. To avoid being killed, all survivors require to achieve several mundane objectives that are discovered through one of three amps of the game, or they are supposed to vote off and sniff out the criminal during the crew meetings. A meeting will be arranged when someone finds a dead body of their crewmates or because of some emergency – and these tables are the only way when everyone has the rights to speak against each other in-game.


To avoid Raising Suspicion, the Impostor needs to act as a crew

Avoid other being caught you red-handed by acting as a sincere crew member. You should never give them a chance to reveal you’re not completing tasks to deduce the impostor. The game introduces a sabotage menu special for criminals, along with other tools that you can use to influence how crew members move to net skills. Lacking confidence, the ability of fast thinking, craftiness, and keeping you away from trouble won’t let you be a good impostor, if you intend to be then you should adopt all these mentioned things quickly.


We have arranged the best Strategies for you to start your reign of terror as an Impostor, and all of these are the following:


Vote Judiciously

One of the most prominent jobs is to avoid suspicion and it is as compulsory as making false kills while playing Among Us. The quite simplest way is to point out a player after having no solid evidence you want out of the play. We don’t suggest you go and vote off someone else to eliminate from the game, because voting someone repeatedly will certainly result in you getting out of the next meeting.


How to always win as an impostor in Among Us


Whenever you’re in doubt, try to push the crewmates to skip the procedure of voting over someone off, but always vote with a team would be in your favor. Doing so helps you being forced to cast a vote for a friend impostor to blend into a team. Although it would decrease the chances of your victory, at least you are playing in the match.  


Choose Your Victim Strategically

The 2nd and working strategy are to Choose Your Victim wisely, and we would suggest you go for an easy kill, instead of a tough one, with leaving no clues and witnesses. For sure, as the game advances, there may be several players you intend to kill them first, and others you are willing to assist you to blend in. You should know that the impostor can’t complete challenges, which means challenging tasks with visible animations prove the innocence of someone.


How to always win as an impostor in Among Us


In case you are going to eliminate someone who has been discovered doing these tasks are the most trusted crewmate available in the game. Don’t forget to make a list of players who are on the targeted list of others and consider as suspicious, as it will help you in putting false allegations on those guys whenever a dead body finds and an urgent meeting held.


Vent Body Camp

Vent Body Camps let the impostor move faster across the map, from one place to another within no time. These locations are only useful for the criminals, and also serving as a giveaway if you’re being caught red-handed, but you can’t use them for sinister tactics. This said strategy will only work on murdering someone who is venturing alone near the vent camp.


Sabotaging someone will help you take his body away from the crew, and provide you a chance to hide nearby locations to wait until your kill ability become visible to you before jumping into the vent camp, and wait for the next target. If you someone near the body, jump into the scene and kill him before giving him a time to release a complaint would be in your favor.


Crowd Kill

Instead of killing someone alone, why not you try to skill at least four players at once in one area. It can be done by sabotaging using lights on any available maps in Among Us. Upon finding everyone stacking on the top of each other, performing fake tasks to repair the sabotage for a while, and then kill someone appearing from its back. Sometimes, the murder will be highlighted with no time, and many times it is difficult to confirm who did it, which in return brings a bad ejection or a ship.


How to always win as an impostor in Among Us


Sabotage for Last Murders

Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter whether one impostor appears against two crewmates or two impostors against three crewmates till the end, your victory is confirmed. The thing you need to do is make the last call to sabotage and set a trap for the final kill. At that time, activation of a fetal emergency would help you in separating both crewmates from each other to solve the problem, and it means, someone is alone and can be killed freely. Following the given strategy for sabotaging the last members is useful, as it provides you an opportunity to take on the game by killing the rest of the players.

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