Among Us Tricks: How to Take on Others While Building Your Spaceship


Before starting to play Among Us, you should know about the game and its basic features. Among Us is a Party-based Multiplayer video game developed by InnerSloth. It pits two teams against each other, and the last standing team will win the game. The game features a role, known as an impostor, and becoming a criminal isn’t an easy task as you have to play mind games and trick others to consider someone other is a murderer, instead of you. The primary goal is to murder enough crewmates to have the same number of members in both teams, such as the Impostor and Crewmates, before the completion of all tasks, while keeping your identity from others hidden.


How to Take on Others While Building Your Spaceship - Best Strategies and Tips & Tricks


You’re not supposed to complete any tasks; however, impostors are given a set of introduction on how to maintain your appearance as a crewmate. The team impostor can do different tasks of sabotaging to force crewmates into unexpected scenes.  Depending on the selected game setting, having three impostors in a game is possible. The chances of becoming an impostor are 100 multiplied by impostor numbers and then divided by the total number of players.  


Learn what are Ejecting Animations?

Upon detecting, the impostor will be thrown out of the map and killed during the process. This is happened through different scenes depending on the chosen map, such as:


Playing on The Skeld map, the impostor is thrown into the massive space, while on MIRA HQ, they are pushed off the station to face off their death. In case you are playing on Polus, survivors may like to throw you into a hot-boiling lake. Upon ejecting the impostor if there’s another one, then it will turn into a ghost-like the crew member would. The crew will be declared as winners if there’s no impostor left alive.


Prominent Abilities of Impostors (Kill, Sabotage, Vent, Report, and Use)

Knowing about the special abilities of impostor would be great, as it helps you killing other players who are struggling to repair their ship to escape while finding the killer venturing across the environment to kill their teammates. The impostor can kill a crewmate using his special abilities while murdering crewmates turn them into a ghost, and leaves a dead body in the spot where they were got killed. You should know that each kill has a cooldown of 10 to 60 seconds, and a specific distance of normal, short, and long depending on the setting you did before starting to play.


How to Take on Others While Building Your Spaceship - Best Strategies and Tips & Tricks


The next ability of impostor is sabotage, which compromises aspects of the map, and building a false problem that crewmates must either ignore, fix, or wait out. The third ability is having the power of hiding in vent camps after conducting a crime. Vents let the impostor to either hide or move across the map. Whenever you come close to a vent, the sabotage button will be replaced with the vent button. Hide in the vent won’t only stop the kill cooldown, but the sabotage cooldown too until you exit the vent.


Use report feature

Similar to any crew member, you have the power of reporting dead bodies anywhere. The said feature can be used to avoid suspicion, and upon reporting, a moment of discussion will open to highlight who is the impostor.


How to Take on Others While Building Your Spaceship - Best Strategies and Tips & Tricks


After learning all about impostors, you should need to learn the best strategies that help you ensure your victory in all types of scenarios. The most prominent strategies are the following, and they are categorized into several classes as the following:


  • Rush Attack – Single

Start playing the game aggressively and getting two easy kills could be in your favor as long as the members can’t establish a group.

The procedure is help over there where players are intended to go for completing tasks, instead of catching the impostors. Use light out features to secure kills near witnesses and vent to fix lights.


  • Rush Attack – Doubles

If would help if you pretend to friend with other impostors at the beginning. Trace a team and attack when two members are taken their position near a vent.


How to Take on Others While Building Your Spaceship - Best Strategies and Tips & Tricks


  • Slow Play – Single

Instead of rushing to make secure kills, you should try and infiltrate the team by merely sticking to massive groups. Doing faking tasks is much less noticeable following the said method, and it helps you a lot. Choose a few crew members to follow across the map, and do tasks with them to gain trust while killing their crewmates to take a step toward victory.


  • Slow Play – Doubles

You should keep a distance away from your partner to have different alibis and ensure neither you’re being voted off by someone nor your friend. To plan long-range sabotage kills, you must play on the opposite map to increase the chances of murdering crewmates with singular sabotage.


  • General Strats and Plays

It contains several items to follow and is considered one of the best strategies to follow. It brings you a list of jobs to complete and ensure your victory, such as:


  • Drop Kill – On any selected map, you must do a fake task before making any kill.
  • Vent Body Camp – Kill the targeted person nearby the vent and call sabotage on an urgent basis that doesn’t lead people to the location where the crime has been conducted.
  • Skeld Light Kill – While playing the game, you may head to the Medbay at the very start of the game, and whenever they kill cooldown ends the sabotage the light and vent into a specific area.
  • Sabotage Final Kill – You should call sabotage on a fetal emergency and wait for it until the rest of the players get separated from each other.
  • Immunity Killer – Using the animation task if you successfully prove you’re not an impostor, then killing people on high priority would be possible.
  • Self-reporting – This type of strategy is used when you kill someone and report the dead body to avoid suspicion.
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