Among Us: Mira HQ and How to complete Tasks?

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Among Us is one of the hot and trending games of 2020. The game is straightforward but interesting as you can either be a crewmate or a sneaky Imposter. However, your role is randomly given by the system.


Among Us: Mira HQ and How to complete Tasks?


The game is nothing if it's not addictive. Either you are a crewmate or Imposter, you will have to complete some specific tasks to win.


Speaking of Tasks, let's talk about the tasks in Mira HQ and how to complete them.


Different type of Tasks:


There are two kinds of tasks in Among Us:


General Tasks

Map Specific Tasks


General Tasks:


General Tasks are those tasks that are somewhat similar in all three maps. General Tasks include:


⦁    Card Swipe

⦁    Fix Wiring

⦁    Enter the ID Code

⦁    Submit Scan


Card Swipe:


Card Swipe is a common task found in SKLED. However, it's the same to Enter the ID code. You will have to swipe the card instead of adding code to complete the task.


Code swipe is a short task found in Admin.


Fix Wiring:


Fix Wiring is common in all maps but with different wiring style. You can usually find it in one of these areas:


⦁    Cafeteria

⦁    Locker room

⦁    Hallway

⦁    Outside of Laboratory

⦁    Office


In the Fix wiring task, you will have to match the wires of the same colors. There will be four wires Yellow, Blue, Pink. And Red. Match all the wires to complete the tasks.


The order of wires can be random, so don't rush in, but if in any scenario you matched the wrong one, you can do it again.


Among Us: Mira HQ and How to complete Tasks?


Enter ID Code:


Enter code is more like a Card swipe; both are short tasks completed in the Admin area.


In Enter Code, you have to Enter a five-digit code hidden in your wallet. Enter the code and press green. You have completed the task.


Submit Scan:


Submit Scan is a visual task, which can be seen while doing it.


To complete the task, go to MedBay and stand over the scanner. In 10s, your full body scan will complete and the task too.


Map Specific Tasks:


⦁    Run Diagnostics

⦁    Sort Sample

⦁    Buy Beverage

⦁    Assemble Artifact

⦁    Water Plants


Run Diagnostics:


Run Diagnostics is one of the many tasks you have to complete on Mira HQ. You cannot find this task in other maps as its the Map specific task only in Mira HQ.


You can usually find it in Launchpad. Go to the launchpad and start the task. To complete the task, you will have to press the space button available on your screen, and the diagnostics will start from 100%.


The diagnostics and task will complete one the percentage hit 0. Diagnostics take about 90s to complete. Once the diagnostic is complete, so will your task.


Among Us: Mira HQ and How to complete Tasks?


Sort Samples:


Sort Samples is Mira HQ special task. You can find it in the Laboratory.

Go to Laboratory and then to Sort Samples; it will be three boxes on a table.


Start the Sort Samples task. Now you will see three different boxes with three different labels on a bigger screen. You will also see six different samples with three different labels.


Three boxes label includes:


⦁    Gems

⦁    Animals

⦁    Plants


Put the samples into the labeled boxes to complete the task. Normally it's two samples in each box.


If, in any case, you have put the wrong sample in the wrong box, you will see a red color around it, and if you put the right one, it will be blue colored.


Buy Beverage:


Buy Beverage is also one of the tasks you have to complete in Mira HQ to win against Imposter or Imposters, depending on how many are there.


However, there can be a maximum of three imposters in a ten-player match. You can buy a beverage from Cafeteria in Mira HQ.


Go to Cafeteria and then to the vending machine to start the task. Now, pay attention; this is a simple task, but a lot of players struggle to complete it.


When you see the vending machine, there will be three rows; A, B, and C. In those rows, you will see four slots from A1 to A4, B1 to B4, and C1 to C4.


You will need to enter the code of the item via a number pad to get the item. But there will be only six items you can choose from, and that's where most of the players make a mistake. They try to go for the one they like.


However, it's not the case; the item you need to buy is right under the number pad. Check the drawing, then check in which slot you can find the item and enter the slot code to get the item.


If you left the vending machine or a dead body found during your task, the sequence would be changed, and the item can also be different. So, keep an eye on that too.


Assemble Artifact:


Among Us: Mira HQ and How to complete Tasks?


You can also find Assemble Artifact in the Laboratory.


In Assemble Artifacts, you will need to assemble five different gems of the same color.  All you need to do is put all the pieces in the right places to complete the task.


Start from the bottom piece and work it from there - if you try to put the wrong piece, it won't adjust anywhere on the screen.


Water Plants:


Water Plants is a simple task, but a lot of players struggle to complete it because they can't find the watering can.


Watering can spawn at different places randomly. Go to storage and find the watering can. Then go to the greenhouse to water the plant and complete the task. The water plant task has two tasks in it; Find Watering Can and Water the Plants.




Don't waste too much time in completing tasks because that's what matters in Among Us. You can’t afford to waste a lot of time to complete tasks.


If you waste too much time, you can lose the game because Imposter doesn't need a lot of time to kill members or sabotage the ship. So, complete the tasks as soon as possible.


Also, keep an eye on other players to see their movement. In some cases, the Imposter is the one who calls the meeting again and again.

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