Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale best Tips for Bombardment

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Let's dig into the gaming world with a knockout type multiplayer party game with almost 32 players. Play until one remains and make your way from the chaos of the levels escalating. Your job as a player is to go through levels to round up, and if you fail, don't worry. Start over and make sure to run. This is an endless tour with so much addictive fun.


Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale best Tips for Bombardment

There will be so many challenges to face in Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale, and the obstacles you face are not more accessible. They all are more challenging phases to pass. You have to overcome these all challenges bypassing them all and reach for victory. So be your heads to become wipe with stumble guys and struggle for the win.


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In this fantastic game, you will see a mode to engage as Bombardment, and it is more likely to the gameplay of the game. Here, we bring up to the players about Bombardment tips and let's not waste time anymore.


Bombardment Overview


The Bombardment is the new map of Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale, and it is related to a ship. Your main object towards this map is not to fall, and it is situated on a seaside. There is water outside of your Bombardment. The ship on this map is trying to eliminate you, and you should go as far as you can from this ship. There are bombs fallen in these squares of the map bombardment, and all they are thrown by the ship.


Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale best Tips for Bombardment

You can see that ship is revolving around the map, and when it goes around it, it is always throwing bombs. There are also bottles in the sea, and standard bricks will be down with these bombs. There are normal-shaped bricks, and even the red squares available in the Bombardment and red ones are the super strongest ones. The hitting bombs are not breaking those.


The whole bombardment map levels are designed not to get fall, and if you maintain to be like that, you win.


Tips for Bombardment


As you can see, this is a map level that has the threat of a bombing ship. This level is the first one, and if you get caught in this bomb, you are finished. And you should not fall into the water as well. It is mentioned in the game. So at each finished level game will calculate the eliminated layers remaining. Here are the best tips to follow on Bombardment to reach a definite victory.


  • As you experience, the first level is based on the sea. There is a board of red squares and creating brown coloured bricks, and there is also a ship revolving around this board. The ship is throwing bombs to the board, and players should not get caught for any of these bombs. And your primary task is not to get fall. So to perform this task, you have to select the red squares.

Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale best Tips for Bombardment

  • You will see that red-coloured squares are the ones that are not broken by easier. There will at least need five bombs to destroy these red squares. You can name this as a turning point for the game. You can use these red-coloured squares for your victory. You have to jump on those red-coloured ones and be stable until the level gets finished. All the other bricks will get destroyed from the bombs, and these red ones are not. So the most straightforward way not to get fall is to be on the red squares.


  • Try every possible way to push bombs. And do not ever jump into the ship. You can try to make the bombs that fall near you towards the other players. So you are not going to fall, and they might. It doesn't matter to you. Other players will be exposed to these puled bombs, and you will not fall in water by those bombs.


  • There are some punching players available on this board, and if you get punched, there is a risk of getting fall into the water. So best is to be away from those punching players. And if you accidentally face some of them, you can jump over to another square to get away from them. Keep this as a primary tip in your mind.


  • You have to reveal on your every punch in between three to four eliminations. So whenever players are coming close to you, they will not be thinking of having a punch towards you.


  • Always maintain your speed to jump. If you get late, you are going to miss some decks. There are some situations where you will face evaporating decks, and if you do not maintain an appropriate sped, you are going to fall. The essential thing to follow in Bombardment is not to get fall. So you have to maintain a reasonable speed as usual to take the victory.


  • Do not stick to the same place for a longer period. This staying becomes a problem because of the evaporating decks. If you stay at one place for a considerable time, it can make you easily fall. So you have to change your place without getting stuck into one continually.


  • Maintain a distance between other players for yourself. Sometimes getting in touch with other players can decrease your running speed, which is a disadvantage for you. It can break you from your speed, and it can cause a greater chance for you to fall. To avoid this matter maintain an appropriate distance with other players as a rule.

Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale best Tips for Bombardment

Pro tips


When you get into the Bombardment you might have to obtain a stumble pass, and all those have a specific price within them. The usual price for a stumble pass is 800 gems. There is also character customization as a User interface, and there you can change your character's clothes, and there are new skins to make your character look in the preferable way you like.


Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale best Tips for Bombardment

Customization for your character can be done in this game with more manageable steps, and you can change the feel of your character. If you want a crying mood, select it and add it for your character from emoting slots. And the cutest thing available for this game is it has an animation process. You can add a gesture to your character, and it is pretty cool than the other games. There are food gestures also added in this customization.




Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale is a fantastic game than most of the games because it deals with some cutest gestures. Characters are little cute characters, and they all are running here and there to be survived. It has a great attraction towards its gaming style because it has an addictive gaming style with some cutest features. So anyone can feel attractive and fun in this game as usual.


In this game, its most novel map added is the Bombardment. It deals with a deck of interface situated in a sea, and it has the threat of a bomb firing ship. Players have to be survived from this ship and don't get to fall. There are bobs as well as damaging bricks. One who lasts until the level finished is going to win.


So the easiest thing is to get onto red squares. So here are the best tips to be eliminated, and follow these pro tips in advance to reach a definite victory.

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