How to Become a Smooth Criminal in Among Us?


Among Us is one of the best Party Video games that not only lets you have fun when there’s no fun activity but also play with friends either as a team of a competitor. The multiplayer game involves players from all over the world repairing a futuristic base, along with one or two fake crewmates who are trying to systematically kill opposing players. The game encourages you to interact with others during a specific time to level when playing field for the impostors – a craft tense scenario, where players struggle to accuse, deflect, and save their lives from being thrown into the darkest space environment.


How to become a smooth criminal in Among Us?


You should keep in mind that Among Us itself isn’t enough good in teaching newbies ins and outs of the playing; therefore, some can’t survive longer ahead of skilled players. In case you’re completely new no matter you’re on mobile or PC, here we have put some best Strategies for you to become a smooth criminal in Among Us, although being a criminal isn’t easy similar to real-life.


Be a Smooth Criminal (Play as the Impostor)

For sure, the most favorite and trending role of everyone in Among Us is Antagonist (Impostor), who is tasked with murdering every crewmate available in a match. You will be considered as the winner if only one crewmember left over there alive since it’s quite impossible to vote off the spaceship. You should keep in mind that the game doesn’t feature any other way to claim victory, so always be ready to lie and kill others you come across. It would help if you know that both your sabotage skills and kill have a rather lengthy cooldown. That proves you can’t be limited to walk into a room, but murder everyone also.


How to become a smooth criminal in Among Us?


As an Impostor, Learn Map First

The very first thing we suggest you perform as an impostor is to figure out the map, and the most vital, the vent layout. The game features a series of vents connected web of fastest traveling routes that only you, as an impostor, can use. Using the said way helps you killing a crewmate and vanishing to the other side within no time, and no one can detective what’s happened over here.


Without having a plan of your escape in mind, don’t ever try to kill someone like the rest of the crewmates will catch you within no time, and you may lose the match. In case you act without any plant, lots of chances are there that you’ll be caught red-handed or at least revealed as a suspect of the crime.


Try to be Briefly Visible to other Players

Moreover, you should be briefly visible to other players before going to complete your task by killing someone. No one will be in doubt to say you’re a killer if you prefer to play alone from the start. In short, you have to make your visibility among others to ensure that you’re not a killer, there’s someone other who is killing people.


Since criminals can’t allow completing tasks, you must show off you are doing them. The game has featured small rectangular-shaped control panels all over the map, and standing nearby next to one will provide you with the appearance of accomplishing a challenging task to people just wandering by. Most players prefer to use the said method to bait others into a fake sense of security and catch them within no time when they are getting into with them.


Make use of Admin Security

Each level is fully featured with the admin security component; therefore, each crewmate is supposed to use these to detect the killer, but a smart impostor can easily take on using the best strategy. In short, find the fastest terminals to travel from one place to another without any delay, and the vents would help you accessing to everyone and kill them for in-game points. But all of this won’t happen if you can’t negotiate and deceive during the portion specially designed for discussion in the game. The specific time will reveal that everyone is struggling to deduce who is the impostor via lies, clues, and their beliefs.


How to become a smooth criminal in Among Us?


Note – You should know that everyone plays differently and there’s no confirmed way to convince all players you’re not a criminal. But we have compiled a list of things for you to consider whenever you are interacting with the rest of the players.


Things to consider while talking with others

The list below contains some useful tricks and strategies to use on others to assure them you’re an impostor.


  • Avoid Talking too much with others. Many times, people only talk to being eliminated from a team.
  • Rather than accusing others, support players blaming the targeted person.
  • Learn by playing mini-games so you can briefly explain coherently what is happening over there.
  • Your answer should be clear and short. Sometimes, over-explaining things may become massive trouble for you.
  • Lastly, blaming on someone is good to distract the attention of others from you to play safely.  


Being an impostor isn’t a cup of cake; a lot of practice makes you a perfect criminal. So, try to play a few games after reading the best strategies and get your hands on crewmates to kill before they repair the ship to escape. During the game, if someone catches you killing others; the game will end.


How to become a smooth criminal in Among Us?


Don’t Give Yourself Away

Specific tasks may display you an animation when they are being achieved by a crew member. While playing the game, there’s no need to give up, because you can easily take on the game by learning the basics. Although the game features a scanning system of the medical bay that provide some visual clues regarding a killer. To avoid that, you must turn people into different groups and never let them form a team to take any action against you. Following the strategy won’t help you only to avoid suspiciously, but to kill many other players too.

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