State of Survival Complete Character List (May 2021 Update)

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State of Survival is coming to the gaming world as a mixture of traditional war games with a real-time RPG. You will fight with zombies by unlocking different characters from the way of the game, and players are engaging in a base building. There will be tons of trail missions for explorers and so many RPG adventures to enjoy with the game.


State of Survival Complete Character List (Updated May 2021)


When we are talking about the characters, those are the ones that make you along the way of building in the game, and they do impact your growth of the game. Each of them has unique skills and different ways to approach the combat on the game. First, you must have sound knowledge of how they behave, each of the skills, and their approaches to know these exceptional character skills.


This guide is for those seeking a complete guide on the State of Survival Character list, and here we bring you the updated version of the year 2021. So download State of Survival on PC to begin the adventure.

Hero Categories in the State of Survival 

Each hero in this game has a particular skill and a specialty. You need to utilize them based on the focused content you are in the game. Heroes of this game are classified into three types as


  • Type
  • Rarity
  • Benefit


So first, we will talk about these three types and what they are means for.


Heroes in this game are first divided based on the type, and there are three categories in this.


Brawlers are a group, and these heroes are known to be the leader of the infantry troops. Brawler heroes have the forefront position in the game, and they have the ability to moving one place to another as they have different motions within them. Brawler heroes have a narrow range attacking system, and compared to other hero groups, these are the healthiest heroes in the game. Generally, brawlers will be attacked first on infected, and you can see a fist marks these heroes.

Brawler heroes are


  • Ernie
  • Rusty
  • Chef
  • Ray and Rolex
  • Nikola
  • Ash
  • Brooke
  • Wacko
  • Wolfe
  • Emma & Eli



Marksman heroes are leaders of the hunter troops. They hold the left in the exploring, and compared to the brawler category, these heroes are highly capable of range attacks. 

Marksman heroes are not keeping the best health with them, and they have it in a law state. But you should note in your mind that these heroes are the highest attacking heroes in the game. Infected are going to finish the marksman after it defeats the brawler. You will see marksman heroes with a scope icon.

Marksman Heroes are


  • Lucky
  • Mike
  • Tony
  • Jeb
  • Zoe
  • Jarett
  • Tyler Kurtz
  • Eva
  • Roxy
  • Daryl
  • Sarge



Scout heroes are the rider troops heroes. They will be positioned at right on the explorer, and they do process a long attacking range as the marksman. After the brawler and marksman, the scout will be defeated, and you will see these heroes with a gear and knife marked icon.

Scout Heroes are


  • Maddie & Frank
  • Julie Garcia
  • Ghost
  • Travis
  • Candy
  • Jane
  • Basel
  • Trish
  • Zach
  • Tweak
  • Kang Eunjoo
  • Miho



The rarity category is showing the difficulty level for locating the hero. And also offers you the strength level of the hero, and you will classify them by color. Here are the rarity levels.



Rare heroes will be the most common heroes, and they appear in primary history. These heroes are holding the low powers with them, and the color will be blue. This group of heroes only consists of two heroes, and those are coming in the gathering benefit.


Epic heroes come from the hero search, and they come from the Intel missions. These heroes are the medium-powered ones, and their color is purple. You can see epic heroes as specialized ones for the killing infected.


Among these all hero rarities, legendary heroes are the strongest. Suppose epic and the rare has one subtype with them, then these heroes have two kinds of specialties and the subtypes, and they do hold a different type of power level from the generation. If the legendary hero is from the new generations, he is more potent than the past ones, and they will be the strongest ones of all the heroes.

The color of the legendary heroes is yellow, and you can earn through the event value vouchers. Buying legendary heroes from real money is also another way of obtaining them.


Heroes are again divided into their primary benefits, and there will be three of them. Keep in mind that legendary heroes will have two specialties with them, and they come in two groups as well. These are the benefit types.


The heroes who have the gathering buff are the gathering heroes. This group is included with Ghost, Rusty, Chef, and Mike.


Heroes who are specialized in the infected killing are coming under this. You will see Rolex, Ray, Eva, Lucky, Ash, Miho, Trish, and Jeb.


Siege group is the specialized heroes in the enemy base attacks. Rolex, Ray, Eva, Lucky, Ash, Miho, Trish, and Jeb are in this group.


The heroes who benefit from the base defense are in the Patrol group, and you can see Rolex, Ray, Zoe, Wolfe, Ash, Trish, Frank, and Maddie in here.


Rally herpes is specialized for the rallies and the buff providing. You can see Zoe, Wolfe, Lucky, Nikola, Miho, Jeb, Frank, and Maddie.

Complete Character List 


Rusty's real name is Rusty Springfield, and he belongs to the subtype of gather. His primary weapon is the shotgun, and he is a former bike ganger. His skills are


  • Impact blaster – firing the enemies in a specific direction
  • Backoff – kicking the approaching infected ones away
  • Tough as Nails – reducing the received damage



Chef is once worked in a roadside diner grill, and he is a talented chef. The real name of the chef is Ken Tuilagi, and he belongs to the gathered group. The chef is using a Flamethrower as his weapon.


  • Flame Grilled – throwing a hand grenade and that explosion can cause nearby objects into Fire.


  • Counter Swipe – when there is an attack, the chef performs counter-attacking. Capable of hitting all the targets within a range by giving them significant damage and backward knock.


  • Snack Break – finding the time for snack breaks in the combat times and recovers the health

Ray & Rolex 

Ray was a club owner once, and his real name is Ray Jackson. He belongs to the Patrol and siege subtypes and uses the Grenade launcher as the primary weapon.


  • Ray's Cocktail – throwing a petrol bomb and dealing with significant damage to the targets in a range. It will cause the area to burn, and targets revealed to the flame will reduce their mobility and have severe damage.


  • Talons of Terror – entering into the fight and retreating automatically when the health is reduced. And also, it returns into the fray once recovered.


  • Power Launcher – firing and enhancing grenades from launching and reducing the mobility of the targets in a range.




State of Survival Complete Character List (Updated May 2021)

Nikola is a trade electrician, and he had lost his family. The real name of Nikola is Nikola Nikolic, and he belongs to the subtypes of infected and Rally. Nikola uses a tesla gun as his primary weapon.


  • Tesla Tower: setting up tesla tower for covering the troops and it can increase the health of the troop


  • Shockwave: there is a probability on this skill to trigger electric shockwaves in the times where heroes are attacking the nearest targets to the tesla tower


  • Electro Paralysis: enhancing the tesla tower for attacking



Wolfe is a corporal and served in the overseas military. He was prone to testing, and now he can't live everyday life. Wolfe's real name is Jonas P. Wolfe, and he plays the Patrol and Rally subtypes. The primary weapon of Wolfe is his mutated arm.


  • Ground slam: smashing the ground by his mutated arm to stun enemies in a range and deal with a significant damage


  • Acid Spray: spraying corrosive acids which deal with severe damage for enemies who touch it by remaining in the ground.


  • Bio Regeneration: when the health hits zero, quickly recovering the health, and this skill will be triggered only for each battle.



Ash is a born rock star, and she likes heavy rock music loud. Ash was a biker gang when she was a teenager, and her real name is Ashley Marshall. Ash bel9ongs to the siege and patrol sup types and uses a Flamethrower as her weapon.


  • Landmines – placing a high-powered landmine in specific locations exposes when someone steps on it. This can cause heavy damage and disorientation for the infected.​​​​​​​


  • Double Grenade – throwing double grenades​​​​​​​


  • Enhanced Landmine – damaging the infected legs in a particular range and reducing the movements of them.



Ernie was a footballer, and now he has been retired. Ernie belongs o the subtypes of Infantry, Patrol, and Siege, and his primary weapon is the electric hammer. This is a guy who is saving his squad at all costs.


  • Hammer Blast – jumping to a selected area and smashing that area with a hammer. This is dealing with significant damage for the targets in that specific area, and for 2 seconds, they will be stunned.​​​​​​​


  • Electric Current – Ernie releases an electrical current when he is being attacked, and it can deal with severe damage and stun for over two seconds for infected. This is having a 25% of chance.​​​​​​​


  • Ride Up – recovering the HP of himself with the attack



Brooke is an aggressive yet sweet person for real life, and she has a necklace that means the world to her. Brooke is a siege and rally sup type hero and uses the Iron Glows as the weapon.


  • Denting Blow – dealing with damage in the area and stunning the enemies for 2.5 seconds. The target of this skill is taking the injury for over 4 seconds.​​​​​​​


  • Sidestep – dodging the attack and being invincible for 7 seconds​​​​​​​


  • Counter-Strike – increasing the attack for the next 2.5 seconds once Brooke succeeds in sidesteps.


Emma & Elli 

Eli is a brain damage person in childhood and acts like a young child. Eli has a younger sister called Emma, and she protects Eli from bullies. They are belonged to the siege and Rally sub types ad using a Gatling gun as the weapon.


  • Anti-Bullying Device – utilizing the Gatling gun buy inflicting damage to infected within a fan-shaped attack. It has added a repulsion effect.


  • Family First – Eli is protecting his sister in the combat and knocking away the infected at every three-round.


  • Sibling Symbiosis – when the health is more than 50%, Eli is increasing with the firing rate, and when the health is higher than 50% for Emma, she heals Eli.



This is the newest hero launched to the game, and he is known as William Sawyer. When the crisis happening, wacko has taken the chainsaw and rushed towards the zombies. This hero is the first resonating power-sharing hero who has introduced to the game.


  • Erupt – erupting in a fury and recovering health for every second. And also increasing the attack power for 5 seconds


  • Dismember – applying a dismember effect to the target and reducing their speed of moving and attacking




State of Survival Complete Character List (Updated May 2021)

Sarge was a sergeant in the US Marine Corps once, and he wasted it by smuggling. Sarge's real name is Joe Nolan, and he uses the M$ as his weapon. This hero belongs to the infected subtype.


  • Gun Turret – setting up ma gun turret in a selected location​​​​​​​


  • Trigger Finger – increasing the firing speed each time shot up to 3. This will last until the shooting has emerged for three seconds.​​​​​​​


  • Explorer Description – calling the experience of military service and increasing the shot damage


Mike is a tough guy and the best friend of Sarge. He was in the police academy, and the actual name of Mike is Mike Ferguson. His young man belongs to the gather subtype and uses M16 as his weapon.


  • Flash Grenade – throwing flash grenades that are stunning the targets in a range​​​​​​​


  • Sure Shot – critical hit chances by bypassing the defense of targets​​​​​​​


  • Triple Tap – firing three shots at the target and attacking for other squad members, which deals with severe damage with each shot.



Eva is a tough and independent hero who has an unfortunate childhood. Although Eva is unprofessional in her style, she is excellent at shooting and fighting. Eva Lopez is using the SLR as her weapon and belongs to the siege subtype.


  • Spider Spike – setting up spike traps containing the spikes that are emerging when they get triggered. Every spike attack will deal significant damage to the targets who are in the affected area.​​​​​​​


  • Web Grenade – throwing web grenade with a probability of 12.50% and it is striking the targets before its detonating leads to a significant damage​​​​​​​


  • Widow Bite – enhancing the spike trap and targets who have been affected by the spikes will receive overtime damage.



Tony was a vegan burger commercial celebrity, and his real name is Tony Tan. This handsome man is using a Dual SMG as his weapon.


  • Hotshot – spraying bullets in the selected direction and dealing damage per second to infect. 3


  • Shock Grenade – throwing shock grenades with severe damage and stunning the infected in a range


  • Celebrity Effect – when a hero has minor health damage will be increased​​​​​​​


Luck has an effervescent personality and has excellent morale for other survivors. She is holding maniac laughter, and she is a somewhat wild character. Lucky belongs to the Siege and ally subtypes.


  • Cuddly – equipping the teddy bear of hers with spiked armor to increase health with damages to enemies


  • Slice all-around – throwing three of the circular saw blade with a 1 to 3 chance. Each o these will inflict significant damage to the enemies.​​​​​​​

  • Teddy Bear Terror – equipping the teddy bear from a high-powered flame thrower, and the teddy bear will explode when it is destroyed.​​​​​​​


State of Survival Complete Character List (Updated May 2021)



Jeb is also a new hero to the game, and he is not a great reader but a natural leader for machine leading. He belongs to the siege and rally subtypes, and Jeb uses the SKS as his weapon.


  • AP Shot – armor-piercing shots of Jeb are dealing with significant damage to the targets and increasing the inflicted damage.​​​​​​​


  • Death Drone – summoning a drone attack and for moderating the health. The Drone is scanning the battlefield and the targets.​​​​​​​


  • Drone Sensors – dodging the incoming ranged attacks, and when the targets are locked, there will be arriving three tiny drones and dealing with damage to the targets.



Zoe has an athletic practice with her, and she was a national archery setup part when she was young. Zoe Ryan will belong to the subtypes of patrol and Rally, and she uses the compound crossbow as her weapon.


  • Crossbow Tower – setting up the crossbow tower with attack and cool downs


  • Flaming Arrow – firing a flaming arrow and damage to the targets


  • Bow Master – increasing the standard attacks


Jarett was an employer from the Helixir Laboratory, and he is well skilled in the arts of the pandemic preventions. Jarret Taylor belongs to the patrol and rally subtypes, and he uses a bioweapon.


  • Bio Whip – forming bio whip along with the attack to nearest infected. This is going to disappear from a period and not being attacked by the infected.​​​​​​​


  • Bio Bullet – exploding and dealing with the damage of 25%​​​​​​​


  • Whip of Doom – releasing bio tissues before disappearing and stunning the infected in the range for 1.2 seconds.


Tyler Kurtz

Tyler, or the wolf boy, was raided by the wolfs and he was a feral child. Tyler belongs to the patrol and rally event, and his bow and arrow are his weapons.


  • Thorns Trap – setting up the thorn trap last for 10 seconds and slowing down the infected to freeze. Causing ten damages for each second.​​​​​​​


  • Two Fierce Wolves call two wolves t attack for the infected and slow them down by 20%.​​​​​​​


  • Feral Instinct – adding 50% of attacking power to two wolves and restoring the life



Roxy, or Tamika Robinson, is a female rapper, and she has fame that being dependent on the fierce rhythm and lyrics. She belongs to the patrol and rally subtypes and uses a twin desert eagle as the weapon.


  • Verse – entering to a concentration state and increasing the attacking power​​​​​​​


  • Refrain – filling Roxy with some adrenaline to increase the damage when she kills infected.​​​​​​​


  • Flow – reducing the damage of heroes by using the Charismatic aura blankets​​​​​​​



Daryl is a character from the walking dead series, and he is being joined with the state survival with a fantastic character portrait. Reasons for this collaboration is that he had a zombie fighting a=character with the TV series, and he will be suitable for the state survival's popularity as well.


  • Rocket Burst – launching rockets for the designated locations to cause damage for infected​​​​​​​


  • Sic' Em – sending dos to the battle, and they tear the targets.​​​​​​​


  • Tough Love – sharing 25% of damage for the teammates until it's 25% or lower on their health. When health is reduced by 10%, attack power will be increased.​​​​​​​



Ghost is a hero who can sneak into the other artist's places, and he kills infected gracefully. Ghost or the Tim Ghost Lee os belonged to the gather subtype and used Uzi as his weapon.


  • Paint Black – setting up drums to paint and spilling them to the ground for reaming over 6 seconds with the destruction. Targets will be reduced with their mobility.​​​​​​​


  • Do or Dye – throwing paint cans and exploding them. It will reduce the mobility of targets and set on Fire.​​​​​​​


  • Highlights – targeting with paint to be more visible and increasing the damage



Jane is not afraid for speaking the mind and has devastating shot powers with the revolver. Jane Goldshot will be infected subtype one and using the revolver as the weapon.


  • Ranch Fencing – setting up the wire fences to block infected. If infected are walk through it, they will get damaged due to t the fence's durability.​​​​​​​


  • Rebel Rouser – a celebration for the squad morale of Jane is increasing and boosting the fie rate.​​​​​​​


  • Laso Herder – throwing lasso to the targets and avoid them from moving or attacking.



Travis is a friendly rival with Jane and belongs to the infected subtype. Travis Cody is using the sniper as his primary weapon.


  • Foothold Trap – placing five footholds for targeted locations and infected will not attack or move for 2 seconds by it.​​​​​​​


  • Timber Tumble – triggering log trap and dealing with the damage. Stun the targets for over 2 seconds.​​​​​​​


  • Enhanced Ammo – increasing the target damage for 2 seconds.



Candy is waiting to teach a lesson for you, and she is likely to be alone. She doesn't close to anyone, and rumors say that Candy is a martial genius. This hero is infected subtype one with the Assault rifle as her weapon.


  • Serum Grenade – dealing with target damage within the area and reducing the infected speed of movements for them.​​​​​​​


  • Adrenaline Rush – injecting adrenaline for a squad member and increasing the attack speed them. This damage and the reducing damage will also for 3 seconds, and Candy injects adrenaline for brawlers first.​​​​​​​


  • Cripple Ammo – reducing the targeted attack by attacking



Basel comes from a military family, and he is fearless. He was served as a bodyguard before the outbreak happens, and Basel belongs to the infected subtype by using the AK 47 as a weapon.


  • Concussion Grenade: stun the infected in the area for 7 seconds and reducing the speed for 3.5 seconds​​​​​​​


  • Tiger Roar: Fahad is joining the Basel with battle, and the roar of Fahad is inspiring the members and increasing the attack.​​​​​​​


  • Adamant: increasing the defense of members

Kang Eunjo 

Kang Eunjo the sweetest girl with agility powers and knocking. She has a secret power weapon, and that is her brother. Kang belongs to the rider and infected subtypes, and she uses a bow as a weapon.


  • Multiple arrows: shooting five arrows once for a specific direction to damage and reducing the movement speed of targets​​​​​​​


  • Mask dance: motivating the teammates by this dance and increasing the power of attack and speed.​​​​​​​


  • Ten Rings: inflicting a critical shot by shooting an arrow and hitting the infected vital parts


Maddie & Frank 

Maddie is a quick learner, and she has a loyal sidekick called Frank. Frank is the only one who knows about the feelings of Maddie. Maddie belongs to the patrol and rally subtypes, and she uses the crossbow as a weapon.


  • Pipe Bomb: throwing pipe bombs for specified locations and attracting the infected towards it before exploding​​​​​​​
  • Girl's Best Friend: entering into the fight by Frank and retreating the health automatically.​​​​​​​
  • Bo Dart: an arrow that has been specially treated, and it can increase the damage of targets for 2 seconds.

​​​​​​​State of Survival Complete Character List (Updated May 2021)



Trish is a person who is in stressful medical situations, and she wants to help people. She doesn't have mercy on the people who are trying to make harm to anyone. Trish Rangan is belonging to the Siege and patrol subtypes and uses a Sniper AWM as the weapon.


  • Med pack – throwing medi packs for designated heroes to restore health​​​​​​​


  • Freeze – throwing liquid nitrogen to freeze infected who are attacking the heroes for three seconds​​​​​​​


  • Tranq'd – firing tranquilizer to decrease the movement speeds of targets and the attack speed.



Miho is training guns and knives, and a gangland murdered her father in Japan. Miho wants revenge for her father's death and belongs to the siege and rally subtypes.


  • Smoke Bomb – throwing smoke bombs to a specific area for generating smoke. It disables the infected for 7.2 seconds.​​​​​​​


  • Music Morale – playing the lute and encouraging her team to increase the attacking rate.​​​​​​​


  • Deadly Blades – throwing three kinds of specially treated blades and increasing the target damage



Zach Fairchild is a developer for robots and drones. He has excellent mechanical creations with him and belongs to the subtypes of patrol and Siege. Zach's weapon is the Gun.


  • Defensive Drone – throwing mechanical drones in a specific direction to attract infected. Then it explodes to give heavy damage to them.​​​​​​​


  • Mechanical Partner – a mark which is the mechanical Drone of Zach is releasing a shock wave to deal with severe damage, and it stuns hits for the infected over 2.5 seconds. Mark is recharging after the shock wave and joining the battle again.​​​​​​​


  • Overload – increasing the squad attacking and the attack speed.


Julie Garcia

Julie is a Spanish woman and has many secrets in her life. She is proficient in archery. Close combats and marksmanship. Julie belongs to the patrol and siege subtypes.


  • Covering Fire – calling the supports and bombarding the targeted area​​​​​​​


  • Capture – taking out the net Gun and shooting. She can trap infected for a specific range and stun those for over 4.2 seconds.​​​​​​​


  • Mercenary Training – when there is a submachine gun on the attack, restoring the team's energy by 15%.


Tweak, or Jack Pickard is having autism from birth and does not communicate well with others. But Tweak is the most legendary hero for the underground pharmaceutical experts. Tweak belongs to the ride, Siege, and patrol subtypes.


  • Stimulant – injecting the squad members with a stimulant to increase the attack power. When the duration ends, the effect will be reduced.​​​​​​​


  • Vitalizer – created by the Tweak and restoring the health of the squad​​​​​​​


  • Overdoes – utilizing the special bullets which are chemically laced. When these bullets are hitting enemies, the target will be poisoned for 5 seconds, and damage will be given with each second.


If you want to know how you can engage with these characters within the gameplay, you can click here to learn the tips.

Who are the best characters in the State of Survival? 

The best heroes are known as the Sarge, Ghost, and Rust as they are so specialized for blocking the enemies' directions. And also, these heroes can whittle down the enemy's paths by reducing heath with some sheer endurances.

Ghost, Sarge, and the rusty are weak from different skills, but if you use them as a team, they can block the paths of enemies. So the enemies will be settled won on a safe distance. There is a gun turret skill held by the Sarge, keeping the area safe from the zombies.

When there is a break barrel, it will release a paint pool, and it can slow down enemies from that oath. That is the primary skill of the ghost. Rust can provide armor with the shotgun, and he can attack many enemies within a single shot. So this combination would be great for weaker enemies.

If you need to block bosses and deal with high single target damage, use Mike, Miho, and Wolfe as a unit as they work for best.

If you want an all-rounder, Ray, Trish and Zoe are the best. This combination has all healing, single targeting DOS, and also the AOE abilities with them. Ray is especially stunning the enemies from an area, and Zoe can damage them by using her basic attacks. Zoe does this while she summons a crossbow turret and that can guard the area. Trish will slow down the enemies and heal the members of her squad.

The State of Survival with LDPlayer 

Use the Multi-instance sync feature if LDPlayer to have a fast reroll, and there is no need to wait until you get your favorite heroes. With this feature, you are getting a chance to play the game with several copied emulators, and each will allow you to perform a reroll. So what is the big deal? You are going to have a perfect hero from your quick rerolls.


There are many characters available within the State of a survival game, and all of them are unique in their skills. Choosing a ne for your gameplay will depend on your situation, and make wise decisions by referring to this character guide.

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