State of Survival Zombie War Codes (October 2022)


State of Survival is a famous post-apocalyptic strategy game in which you must defend yourself against hordes of zombies. Sergeant, a brave warrior, is a significant character. The narrative focuses on the construction and development of the camp. Commanders are the powerful characters with whom the player interacts. The utilization of State of Survival Zombie War codes can enhance these experiences.





The game's designers put their skills and hard work into creating this fantastic game for anyone to enjoy. We are ecstatic to share the State of Survival Zombie War Codes. These codes will transform your game experience by unlocking various free food, metal, and wood.


Our State of Survival Zombie War Codes provides the most comprehensive working codes for biocaps, speedups, and resources! Use these codes to assist in reinforcing your camp's protection and enhance your ability to survive against zombies.



The list of recently activated codes is as follows. These may be exchanged for several commodities, improving your settlement and the characters you send into combat. You'll want to use Codes as quickly as possible because they usually expire after a specific period.


Latest Gift Codes for the State of Survival Zombie War


All active State of Survival Zombie War gift codes is listed below. Remember that some of the rewards you'll receive through these codes may have expired, and other Codes may be invalid.

  • lucky2022
  • treasure2022
  • Nanami2022
  • SoSSummerFun
  • takeit999
  • SOS8888 - New!
  • 3wm1047 - New!
  • sosdevfeedback777
  • 5JyoTaisaMtaineer
  • StoneGarden14
  • Happyweekend0724
  • MakeUpOnesMind25
  • devfeedback0718
  • kuchentvsos
  • SOSNiko
  • darylsos
  • ForeverTrident
  • momoppuccino
  • Sos1234
  • smartwayinsos


How can State of Survival Zombie War Codes be Redeemed?


Follow the methods below to redeem codes in the State of Survival: follow the below instructions:


  • You'll need to launch the game and go to the Profile Avatar



  • And click the settings button ( bottom of the right side)



  • Then tap the Gift Redemption button.



  • After entering your code in the redemption box, click the redeem button.



  • That's it; your rewards should be arriving in your in-game inbox shortly.



These are currently available active redeem codes. Please keep checking back because we'll update this page as soon as they offer new gift codes!


How to Obtain More Redeem Codes for the State of Survival Zombie War?


You can find the codes on the official Facebook page of State of Survival Zombie War when they publish. If you want to collaborate with other gamers, connect to their Discord Server. Any latest codes will be added to this page, so check back to see updates.


Please come back to our site because we will be uploading new gift codes once they are published. Bookmark this page by typing CTRL + D to get the latest updates. 


How do you Play the State of Survival on PC?


If you want to play this great State of Survival Zombie War game on a device other than your phone, you can now do it using the best Android emulator: LDPlayer. The following are your most sophisticated gaming trip with the State of Survival Zombie War PC.


  • LDPlayer must be installed. Go to their official website and click the yellow button on the homepage.


  • With this emulator, you may pick between 32 and 64-bit, and based on your existing PC requirements, you can choose one of them.


  • After installing LDPlayer, go to the inbuilt Store, the LD Store.


  • In the search bar, type the name of the game


  • Find your State of Survival Zombie War game and get ready for the next level.




So that ends our State of Survival Zombie War codes guide, be sure to take advantage of your rewarded opportunity before it expires. They'll only last a few days, and you'll only have a few chances to get much stuff. So use the State of Survival Zombie War codes to speed up your games and improve your results.

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