State of Survival: Zombie War Beginner Guide and Gameplay Walkthrough


Hello! Are you about to play the State of Survival and want to learn about the game before jumping into the game? Then you are at the right place; with this article, we will discuss everything a State of Survival: Zombie War beginner should know and things you should focus on in the early game. In State of Survival, chaos rules, which makes the player feel like the world has ended.





State of Survival: Zombie War Beginner Guide


There is total chaos because millions of hungry zombies want to eat everything on Earth. This is how the State of Survival works in a nutshell. The game is set in a world after the end of the world, and the goal is to protect a colony from a wave of zombies while managing your resources. To enjoy this apocalyptic world, truly play the State of Survival: Zombie War on PC with LDPlayer 9. So let's see what we have brought you with the State of Survival: Zombie War beginner guide.


State of Survival: Zombie War Gameplay


Even though the State of Survival is set in a post-apocalyptic world, it is mostly a strategy game. You won't have to go far in the game before you find the camp of the survivors. You'll have to show what kind of person you are by doing whatever it takes to keep everyone alive. At first, your town is made up of just a few small buildings. 


State of Survival: Zombie War Gameplay


If you are a State of Survival: Zombie War beginner you will have to kill zombies and other creatures to make it bigger. The rules and mechanics of the game are easy to understand. Before you can upgrade the Headquarters, there is a list of things you must do first. They are simple and easy to understand. Some of them are cleaning up the area, saving people who are still alive, and building or improving new structures.


In Game Resources


The game has many kinds of resources, such as wood, gas, iron, food, and energy. Biocaps are another premium resource that players can use. They work like diamonds do in other games of this type. After you've upgraded your research facility, you can invest your Biocaps there to get more Biocaps in the future. Biocaps give back money based on how much was put in at first and how long the money was kept in the vault. 


In Game Resources


You can get these items by completing missions, gathering from your base, fighting zombies, and doing many other things in the game. Every structure requires a certain amount of materials and time to build and keep up. As a State of Survival: Zombie War beginner, you may feel these costs seem reasonable at; first, but they quickly add up as you progress in the game and start to build more soldiers or expand your base. Your town will grow over time, just like in other strategy games.


What You Should Know About Stamina?


In the game, there are two kinds of stamina. The first one is called "chief stamina," and the second one is called "squad stamina." For the explorer trails, you need squad stamina, and to finish an attack mission, you need to use your chief stamina. The second kind is the most valuable and difficult to get. As a State of Survival: Zombie War beginner, you won't have much chief stamina at the start of the game because it depends on the level of your chief.


Naturally, this implies that you should raise your chief's level in order to store more stamina. You need chief EXP to level up your chief. You will have to open VP crates, do showdowns, and do daily tasks to get them. Along with all of that, you will also get Chief EXP for completing growth and rally intel missions.


What You Should Know About Stamina


You can get your Chief stamina for free by leveling him up, finding boosters during hunting events, or getting more stamina from daily drops are other ways of obtaining them. One way to get more out of leveling up your chief is to wait until you have no stamina left and then level up the chief. When your chief goes to a new level, your stamina meter will automatically fill up.




As a State of Survival: Zombie War beginner, you  need to know that gathering is the most important part of the game. To get resources, your team needs to get to a certain node. The game has nine node tiers, each with its own resource cap. In general, the higher the level, the more resources each node has. 


The troops are an important part of the gathering process. They will help you gather resources and protect those who do so. This is why sending the best troops you got to farm nod is important. Amount of teams you can send at one time will significantly impact your resource income. If your VIP level isn't high enough, you can only send out five gathering units at once.




The talents in the two Talent Trees greatly affect how fast the base grows and how likely it is to win battles during the gathering process. As a State of Survival: Zombie War beginner, you should allocate the points you get in the Economic Talent Tree; doing so allows you to get resources faster and in large quantities. Economy Talents like Woodcutting, Cooking, and Metal Hauling are the most useful because they reduce the time it takes to get materials.


Defending Your Settlement


Like any good military simulation, State of Survival features both offensive and defensive options. Generally, a State of Survival: Zombie War beginner, should attack other cities to get resources or for exclusive events once their shield runs out. No one wants to be the target of an attack, but it's important to be prepared for any scenario.


The chiefs place a premium on maintaining a powerful army. You'll need soldiers to accomplish either of these objectives. The stronger your troops, the more likely you will succeed in fending off attacks on your settlement and winning battles throughout the game.


Troops can be divided into three groups: Brawlers, Hunters, and Riders. All have four distinguishing features: Offense, Defense, Vitality, and Killing Power in Attacks. These stats Determine the attack and lethality of your troops, how much damage they can do to the enemy, and how likely they are to do so. 


Defending Your Settlement


To reduce damage taken is the function of Defense. In contrast, the capacity to absorb damage before dying is the function of Health. When calculating how long your troops will survive after taking damage from an opponent, it's clear that both Defense and Health are crucial factors. If the State of Survival: Zombie War beginner wants to make a strong defensive settlement Strengthening all four areas of your forces is an essential thing you should focus on.


You should prioritize raising the quality and quantity of your infantry first, as they will serve as the first line of Defense in most situations. Your chances of repelling an attack on your settlement improve in relation to the size and quality of your troop.


Join An Alliance


As a State of Survival: Zombie War beginner, you can make a group with other players or join one that already exists. Then, they can work together with players from various parts of the world to reach a common goal. In the State of Survival, there are many reasons to join an active alliance. 


Join An Alliance


One of the most important is that it speeds up research and building. If you give money to the alliance, you'll be able to shop in a new store with useful items. You can spend honor points to buy things like production boosters. In an alliance, Players with similar play styles can find each other and work together to protect each other. If you're still not sure whether to join an alliance or not, the fact that you could get some premium currency if you do should help you decide.


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There are so many things the State of Survival: Zombie War beginners should know, but this is all we can cover in one article. We hope this guide helps you to understand how to play the game. The most important thing the State of Survival: Zombie War beginners should keep in mind is managing your resources and spending your stamina wisely. Now it's time to conclude this article; for more tips, refer to our State of Survival: Zombie War tips from here.

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