State of Survival Zombie War Tips and Tricks You Must Know


You must write your own tale in the new strategy game State of Survival Zombie War. Several tactical components in the survival game may be used to forge an alliance and defeat zombies. To survive the apocalypse, you can use bombs and collect money and gold. You may play this huge game by creating a whole unique squad, city, and strategy.






Since the State of Survival Zombie War is extremely competitive, you can use a few game features to improve rapidly and play the State of Survival to its fullest potential.


Make It a Habit to Read and Absorb Everything


Do you want to read guides daily for everything you do in a game? The answer would be no, then read once you have enough information, you can come up with your own strategies, and a lot of the time, you will find great tips you must have forgotten.


Just click on the question mark, and you will have a wealth of information you need to know. We know some games just give nothing with their tooltips, but in State of Survival Zombie War, we guarantee you will be a better player if you start reading. 



Learn what your heroes do and what stats they have; you need to use different heroes for different situations; for example, some heroes are good with traps some heroes are good for PVP, so if you don't want to take a needle to a gunfight, you should read and know what State of Survival Zombie War does.


Pick a Good Alliance


This is good advice not just for State of Survival Zombie War but universal across most games. Joining a strong alliance is something you should focus on, and if you play free-to-play games, look for the largest, most seasoned one you can find.


Better alliances lead to better alliance tech, better alliance crates from people who spend money on the game, and more activities to engage in help will speed up longer constructions and the healing of your troops, among other things. With so many benefits, why not join one as soon as possible if you haven't already?



Be the Biggest Donor


Once you join an alliance, you will see people are asking for resources. Always try to donate them because you get alliance credit for your donations. With the alliance credit, you can buy important high-price items with the alliance funds; as a new player, you may not need it, but in the late game, you will need everything they have, so from early on, collecting those funds actually helps you in late games.


Be Talkative and Be the Child of the Clan


Once you join an alliance, try to be talkative and active in the chat; then, if you have any problems, ask them, so your alliance leader knows you are active and willing to learn when they ask you to do something if you don't know ask most of the people like to teach something than to see you screw up, so be talkative and active this also will lead you to secure a place because talkative people keep the alliance alive and game more fun.


Things You Should Focus On


In the State of Survival, Zombie War, you should try to focus on doing Frist thing, Intel, and make your explorer trails because when you do them, you will get items you need to upgrade your heroes and items like frags and resources. It is also a significant way of getting exp, so do them as much as possible.


Sometimes you will have days you can't get to all of it but make sure to do at least the intel because this is where you get a majority of your fragments needed to upgrade your heroes. If you only do resources, you will regret it later, so don't miss that intel ever.



For a more comprehensive guide as a beginner, you can check our State of Survival Zombie War gameplay walkthrough from here. 


Keep Auto Searching Fights With LDPlayer


One entertaining feature of the State of Survival Zombie War is auto-searching. When you have a particular amount of soldiers, you should search by selecting the Wilderness symbol on the home screen.


Using this mechanism, you may make your forces automatically look for opponent armies that are more advanced than they are at the moment. This procedure is totally automated and doesn't involve much effort. In the State of Survival, it is typically the speediest strategy to earn resources.



When you've gotten a handle on the game and have amassed a good force, we advise you to start doing this. You'll experience some lucky and unlucky streaks since the AI matches you. Bear in mind that if you manually match made against these foes as well, the payout you receive for beating them will be the same. So it is not worthwhile to spend time doing something if there is no enjoyment value.


With LDPlayer, you can run State of Survival Zombie War on your pc and create a Script to automate with a time loop and push Ctrl + Q; the game will run in your background without even bothering you once. When you want to check, press Ctrl + Q again, and then it is going to be popped back. This way, you can get items without even playing the game.


Don’t Waste Your Resources


We are not asking for you to be a hoarder, but each item of the game has an optimal time to use it, especially in events where some items can boost the number of resources you can earn from them. For example, training troops speed-ups will help you complete or farm the event. 


So every time you try to use an item, you should ask the question, can I use this to improve an event or any special occasion? If the answer is yes, avoid using it even if it makes leveling up and playing the game longer. If you are not sure, ask your alliance; they will know. 



Where to Use Your Bio Capsules


It depends on whether you're to play or spender; if you are just a free-to-play player or a dolphin or don't like to waste things. Bio caps are best spent on your VIP, which gives you tons of bonuses and buffs your VIP and also uses them for builder slots because you need the second builder to level faster. You can spend them on settlement buffs. When there is a gathering event, settlement buffs will be more critical, and this is another excellent example of using your items at the right time.



The State of Survival Zombie War centered on foresight and strategy. The game has various intricate mechanics, such as using a reset token for more DPS-based talents and shifting the skills of your chief towards the economy skill tree while still performing grinding. A player must put in a lot of work and dedication to thrive at the game, especially as a F2P player. But if you follow the tips below, you should be able to set yourself apart from other participants at the State of Survival as a strong strategist right away.

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