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Last Updated: 2022-10-27 Current Version: 44.242
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Brawl Stars Season 14 Robot Factory is Now Here with New Skins, Gadgets and Cosmetics, and More

Brawl Stars season 14 Robot Factory is here as its new season, and it will feature new skins, new brawlers, and many new things for the players.

Brawl Stars Tier List June 2022

Brawl Stars tier list has five ranks of brawlers from it, and every one of them will have an independent way of performing in the game with unique skills.

Brawl Stars: Guide to win V8-BIT Retropolis Challenge

The Brawl Talk held recently exposed players to a new skin for 8 Bit, which they will receive for free if they pass the Retropolis challenge. Challenge will

Belle - Complete Brawler Guide for Brawl Stars (Overview, Tips & Tricks)

Belle is one of the newest Brawlers added to the game and has absolutely taken the scene by storm. With tons of utility under her built and high damage, she can wreak absolute havoc if picked against the right set of brawlers. Here's everything you need to know about her including a complete guide, tips, tricks and more!

Squeak - Complete Brawler Guide for Brawl Stars (Overview, Tips & Tricks)

Squeak is one of the best newest Brawlers out there. He is a Mythic Brawler who deals tons of AoE damage and has an emphasis on zone control. He has cemented himself as an excellent brawler and can be used in various cases. Here are some tips and tricks including a complete guide to playing Squeak.

Buzz - Complete Brawler Guide for Brawl Stars (Overview, Tips & Tricks)

Buzz is one of the newest brawlers added to the game. He has moderate to high damage, extremely high mobility due to his Super and is quite fun to play. Here is a complete brawler guide for Buzz including tips and tricks.

Griff - Complete Brawler Guide for Brawl Stars (Overview, Tips & Tricks)

Griff is one of the newer brawlers added to the game. He is a Chromatic Fighter and can deal a reasonable amount of damage. Herer are the complete tips and tricks alongside an overview for the Brawler that should help you play him at an extremely good level.


Brawl Stars #JURASSICSPLASH, New Characters, Changes, and much more.

Brawl Stars Season 6 Gold Arm Gang Updates New Skins, New Brawlers, and More

Brawl Stars' new season six update of Gold Arm Gang adds new characters, features, and skins to the game by developing amazement.

Penny Brawl Stars Guide (Overview, Stats, Abilities and Tips)

Penny is arguably one of the best Brawlers in the game. With tons of health to her name alongside high DPS abilities, she can absolutely decimate most enemy lineups. Here is a complete overview of the Brawler alongside everything you need to know including tips and tricks to instantly get better at Penny.