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Brawl Stars

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News and Guides for Brawl Stars
Belle - Complete Brawler Guide for Brawl Stars (Overview, Tips & Tricks)
Belle is one of the newest Brawlers added to the game and has absolutely taken the scene by storm. With tons of utility under her built and high damage, she can wreak absolute havoc if picked against the right set of brawlers. Here's everything you need to know about her including a complete guide, tips, tricks and more!
Squeak - Complete Brawler Guide for Brawl Stars (Overview, Tips & Tricks)
Squeak is one of the best newest Brawlers out there. He is a Mythic Brawler who deals tons of AoE damage and has an emphasis on zone control. He has cemented himself as an excellent brawler and can be used in various cases. Here are some tips and tricks including a complete guide to playing Squeak.
Brawl Stars Best Tips for Shelly on all Brawlers
Brawl Stars features many different brawlers with it, and they all have various traits within them
What are the best characters to play in Brawl Stars?
Brawl Stars is a 3v3 Battle Royale game developed by the creators of Clash of Clans. The game features a lot of unique characters called Brawlers each with unique skills and abilities. Here's a list of the best characters in Brawl Stars alongside reasons as to why they are so prevalent in the meta.
Best Nita guide to win more in Brawl Stars - Tips and Tricks
Brawl Stars is an epic team-based shooter that relies on 3 on 3 actions. The game has solidified itself into gaming legend and has constantly excited users with its unique take on the Battle Royale genre. Here's how you can play Nita and take your KD ratio to the next level in Brawl Stars.
Mistakes You Should Avoid In Brawl Stars As An Experienced Player
After Clash Of Clans' massive success, the developer Supercell decided to launch another title for the fans. Brawl Stars is the latest title released by them in the late 2017's. The game has an outclass 4.3-star rating, which indicates how awesome the game is. Here is a list of the common mistakes made by the players, along with their solutions.
Brawl Stars - Tricks For Barley The Best Long Range Brawler
Barley is one of the most muscular Brawler of the iconic game Brawl Stars, which the Supercell developed. Barley is one of the few rare brawlers available in the game and some vital skills that will help you win whatever kind of battle you desire to win. Here is a brief guide on barley, along with some Tips & Tricks which will help you understand this Brawler's strength.
Brawl Stars - Pro Tips & Tricks To Become The Best Player In The World
Supercell has developed another mind-boggling title, Brawl Stars. It was released in 2017 and has managed to get more than 100 million downloads in this short period. However, it looks like the game is straightforward, but it's not true. Brawl Stars has a lot of technicalities that require your attention. We have listed some pro Tips & Tricks to help you become the best player in this game.
Brawl Stars Guide for Bounty Game Mode
Bounty game mode is designed to score and to kill. There are three-member teams to fight against, and the maximum scored ones are winning
Brawl Stars - How To Choose The Best Brawler For You? Stats, Range & Gameplay Style
Brawl Stars is an action role-playing game developed and published by the popular Supercell. The game consists of 3v3 multiplayer matches that need to be played by a brawler. Additionally, the game has 44 brawlers, and it often gets complicated, which brawler to choose, which is why we have listed some key points that you should consider before selecting a brawler.