Buzz - Complete Brawler Guide for Brawl Stars (Overview, Tips & Tricks)

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Buzz is one of the newest brawlers added to the game and is definitely not a slouch. The character is known for his extremely high damage and mobility due to his Super. He is a Chromatic Brawler who can take down groups of enemies extremely quickly due to his AoE attacks. Plus, since he is an Assassin, he can deal a large amount of burst damage quite quickly. If you haven’t checked him already, you can download Brawl Stars for free on LDPlayer.




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Buzz is a Chromatic Brawler who is unlocked as a reward in the Season 7 Battle Pass at Tier 30. You can take a look at the patch notes for Jurassic Splash as well. He can also be obtained from boxes after you get to Tier 30 in the Season 7 Brawl Pass.


The Brawler has moderate health, high DPS, has mobility with his Super, and a trait that also lets him charge his Super automatically. This is very true especially if an enemy is within the range of the Brawler. His attack consists of a close-range barrage of punches. His super pulls himself towards an enemy directly or a wall too also stunning enemies and pulling as well.


Reserve Boy instantly charges his Super. However, the next Super he will use won’t be stunning enemies. However, his Star Power, Tougher Torpedo also increases the stun duration of his Super by quite a bit.


His lore reads as follows:


"Buzz is the lifeguard at Velocirapids. He constantly scans for folks in trouble he can throw his torpedo buoy to, but his throws are rather overenthusiastic."




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Here are the basic stats for Buzz:


Rarity: Chromatic

Class: Assassin

Movement Speed: 770 (Fast), 3500 (Super)

Level 1: 4200

Level 2: 4410

Level 3: 4620

Level 4: 4830

Level 5: 5040

Level 6: 5250

Level 7: 5460

Level 8: 5670

Level 9-10: 5880




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All enemies that are within 6 tiles of the Brawler will charge his supper by about 7% per second or over 15 seconds. This Super is charged much faster if there are multiple enemies inside the radius itself. The passive will still be charged even if there are hidden enemies for example enemies hiding in bushes or invisible enemies as well.


As can be seen, it can be quickly assumed that Buzz would much rather be in the middle of a fight or be in in the midst of people rather than be out of the fray since he only gets stronger the more he is closer to people. If you haven’t taken a look at some of our other brawler guides, here’s a complete guide for Spike!


Basic Attack: Buzz Off


Range: 2.67 (Short Range)

Reload: 1 Second

Projectiles per Attack: 5

Super Charge Per Hit: 10.08%

Attack: 100 degrees

Projectile Speed: 4000

Attack Width: 1

Level 1: 420

Level 2: 441

Level 3: 462

Level 4: 483

Level 5: 504

Level 6: 525

Level 7: 546

Level 8: 567

Level 9: 588


Buzz’s basic attacks can be an absolute nuisance to deal with, they deal 5 punches that are piercing from his whistle. He will throw these punches from left to right with a single attack taking about 0.9 seconds to complete.


Super: Torpedo Throw


Range: 10 (Very Long)

Projectile Speed: 3500

Super Width: 1.67


In Torpedo Throw, Buzz throws out his buoy that hits both enemies and walls. Moreover, he pulls himself towards the target as well. When the Brawler lands on enemies that are within a 2.33 tile radius, he will stun them. The duration of the stun is based entirely on how far Buzz has used his Super on the enemy before he latches on to them.


The farther away Buzz was before he starts hitting a target with his Super, the longer the stun lasts. The maximum duration of the stun is about 1.5 seconds and the minimum is about 0.5 seconds. If Buzz ends up moving behind a wall while also firing his Super, he ends up going through the wall.


Buzz can also travel around lakes while also being pulled. Plus, Buzz can also still move before the buoy also hits an enemy or wall.


Gadget: Reserve Buoy


buzz overview


When Buzz starts activating this Gadget, he will end up charging his Super completely. However, Buzz’s next Super will not be stunning opponents as long as the symbol itself is active. The symbol will glow above Buzz’s head also signaling the Gadget’s usage while also glowing as a Gowstick. The Gadget’s cooldown will start after he uses his Super.


Star Power: Tougher Torpedo


By using Buzz’s Star Power, the duration of the stun is now guaranteed to be at least 1 second. However, this Star Power does not affect his Reserve Buoy Gadget.


Tips and Tricks for Buzz:


Buzz is quite a versatile brawler. However, there are some tips and tricks that you can take advantage of that take his gameplay to the absolute next level. For example, if you want to hit all five of your shots as the Brawler, you will either need to start moving clockwise around the enemy or attack them at point-blank range.


While this may easier to do, it is quite risky because some Brawlers have a much easier time hitting shots at that particular range and can thus deal tons of damage to you which is definitely not helpful.


Buzz has an extremely short attack range, so keep that in mind. Make sure to only engage an enemy without a Super if he can actually end up landing his attack. If an enemy is escaping and is out of Buzz’s range, you can end up using his Super to catch up and stun an enemy letting Buzz finish them off.


Understanding Your Grapple:


Moreover, Buzz isn’t immune to damage as well especially when he is traveling near a grappled Brawler. So, grappling one Brawler while Buzz is at low health is quite risky. Since his Super’s Stuns are in a short radius around you, when he finishes traveling to where his buoy lands, it can actually be much simpler to grapple an obstacle near an enemy to end up stunning them rather than grappling the enemy themselves.


The Gadget can also be used in emergencies especially without even having a Supercharged yet. It can also be used offensively in some cases by also using it as a 2nd Super to quickly catch up to enemies that are faster than you or also as a Super as soon as the game starts.


Taking Your Passive To The Maximum:


Your Super Charging traits can help charge your Super in 15 seconds if there is an enemy near you. If the match has just begun, you should grapple an enemy with your Gadget as it might not really be sufficient to secure a kill. You can also play passively around obstacles and also wait for your Super to charge.


Do note that the Trait will be charged on invisible enemies as well. It can be used as a scouting tool for areas that are filled with bushed on different maps like Snake Prairie. If you are up against aggressive brawlers since the amount of extra supercharge range is not quite necessary. It also is worthwhile to use his Tougher Torpedo Star Power to also get a boost in the stun duration at a closer range and knocking them out as well.


The brawler can also stun the entire enemy team if they end up grouping up and defeat them with his attack.  His unload speed makes him vulnerable after his second attack but also another Super also allows him to take them out too.


LDPlayer Features For Buzz:


ldplayer brawlstars


Brawl Stars is known to run best with LDPlayer. The Emulator has a few features exclusive to it which games like Brawl Stars take full advantage of. For example, you can increase your competitive edge quite a bit by playing the game on a mouse and keyboard instead as you can change your key binds.




Buzz is one of the most popular brawlers in the game out there. Even though he is quite new, the Chromatic Assassin has won over most with his insanely useful kit and abilities that make him a definite force to be reckoned with.

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