Rise of Kingdoms: New Characters Guide Updated 2021


Rise of Kingdoms is a rapidly emerging game, featuring eleven different kingdoms, real-time wars between the kingdom, a sizeable unexplored map, and day and night cycles very close to reality.


Rise of Kingdoms: New Characters Guide


The game provides an RTS gameplay experience to its players, making them feel like they are on a real battlefield. Although the wars are not pre-planned, they indeed can be timed according to the situation. This game is a free-for-all, open-source game, other than some of the utilities that must be bought to do better in the game but are not a necessity.


The game is gaining popularity very rapidly and keeping the user's interest in the hype; the developers just launched a bunch of new characters about whom we will be discussing today.


Richard I:


Richard I, aka Richard Lionheart, reigned for ten years, out of which only he stayed in England for six months as he was always on battlefields. He is regarded as the best infantry commander in the game with exceptional healing abilities and great combat power.




⦁    Reduced direct damage factor.


⦁    Rebuffs a maximum of five enemy troops in a fan-shaped area.


⦁    Able to reduce the march speed of enemies after the attack.


⦁    Increased counter back damage.


⦁    Infantry units have better attack and defense strategies.


Hannibal Barca:


Hannibal Barca, a Carthaginian general, has been reported to have been the leader of campaigns against Romans and occupying much of Italy. He is a strong commander, able to fit in with any troop. He is known to have remarkable abilities when it comes to leadership, defense, and attack. This character is available only behind the paywall of the VIP chest in level 11-14.


Rise of Kingdoms: New Characters Guide




⦁    Reduced damage and increased defense.


⦁    Extraordinary self-healing abilities.


⦁    Ability to work with any troop.


⦁    Ability to command massive armies.


⦁    15% attack bonus outside alliance territory.




Having leading and concurring skills, Saladin is considered to be the first Muslim sultan of Egypt. The character could be obtained exclusively from The Mightiest Governor. He is a good commander and has remarkable skills when it comes to dealing with his troops.




⦁    Fast.


⦁    Great skill damage.


⦁    Remarkable ability to reduce damage.


⦁    Reduces the healing factors of the enemies.


Constantine I:


“Constantine I” is remarked to be a legendary Infantry commander who has excellent abilities when it comes to defending fields and garrisons. He is one of the best PVP commanders. He is resistant and defensive, making him one of the best out there.




⦁    Great defense and damage abilities.


⦁    Active skills.


⦁    Impeccable defense and attack strategies.


⦁    Remarkable large- scale healing effect.


Rise of Kingdoms: New Characters Guide


Alexander the Great:


A well-known emperor and military commander of history, Alexander the Great, is a war genius because of his skills as a warrior and as a commander. He is considered the best field combatant as he has excellent shield ability and a unique built-in support system.




⦁    Absorbs a large number of incoming attacks.


⦁    Balanced defense to attack ratio.


⦁    Great field commander.


⦁    Can cause severe damage to enemies.


⦁    Fast movement.


⦁    Dynamic gameplay.




The strongest commander with an extensive array of poison attacks, Tomyris, is considered to be one of the best arch commanders in the game. Her “Arrows of Vengeance” are deemed to be the deadly weapons, bringing downfall to the largest and the strongest troops. She could be obtained exclusively from The Mightiest Governor.




⦁    Incredible attack skills.


⦁    The extraordinary poison stacking technique.


⦁    Tremendous counter back damage.


⦁    Best for nuking.


Edward of Woodstock:


Also known as the Black Prince, Edward of Woodstock was the most successful commander of the Hundred Years’ War. He is a deadly commander with a skilled attack strategy and polished abilities in archery. Edward of Woodstock can endure massive damage while still protecting his troops from the attack. The character can be obtained from the wheel of fortune.




⦁    Power to deal with direct damage.


⦁    Amazing archer commander.


⦁    Increases skill damage.


⦁    Neutralizes enemy’s infantry forces.


⦁    Fast movements.


⦁    Fast rage generation.


Rise of Kingdoms: New Characters Guide




With excellent leadership and attack strategies, Charlemagne is considered to be a strong emperor in the game. His happy home shield provides an ideal window for the tropes to avoid crucial damage. You can add Charlemagne to your collection by letting your ally capture the enemy’s crusader fortress.




⦁    Powerful active skills.


⦁    Increased skill damage.


⦁    Less troop expansion.


⦁    Great for rallying.


Wu Zetian:


Providing the best defense to any troop she is leading, Wu Zetian is considered to be one of the strongest commanders in the game. The character mainly focuses on leadership, garrison protection, and support. Wu Zetain can be obtained by allowing your ally to capture the enemy’s crusader tower.




⦁    Well-equipped defense commander.


⦁    Deals with nukes very nicely.


⦁    Self-healing abilities.


⦁    Good defense.


⦁    Reduced damage.


Who is the Best Commander Among these?


Although all the new commanders introduced are strong, well-equipped, skilled, and great worriers, there has to be one who is the best of the best, and that is Alexander the Great.


Rise of Kingdoms: New Characters Guide


The reason for this claim would be the strength and damage control Alexander provides. He is the best arch commander with a broad array of active and passive skills, making him the best commanders among all the newly introduced.




Rise of Kingdoms: The Lost Crusade is one of the first and the best mobile games providing real-time experience to its players. The game is intriguing, complex, and enjoyable, making it a great time pass for all the youngsters out there.


The game's characters are powerful, courageous, and very close to reality, something which makes all this a bit more interesting. The game is gaining immense popularity among youngsters very rapidly, and we hope they will continue introducing new characters to keep the thrill alive. 

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