Destiny Child: How to take control and become in charge?

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Destiny Child is the role-playing collectible card game available on both android and IOS platforms.


Destiny Child: Take control and become in charge


Destiny Child is developed by LINE Games and SHIFT UP. It is a card collecting battle game with elegant character illustration. It also includes a collection of characters called "Childs" to battle story quests, events, and PVP. To become the ultimate Archfiend, the ruler of the Infernal Realm, there is only one condition that is:


"Create the strongest army ever known by gathering human souls."


The retirement of "Lucifero," who had ruled as Archfiend for an eternity, provoked a war for succession known as the Archfiend Contest. Thus, numerous Archfiend candidates, each dreaming of taking the throne, descend upon the Mortal Realm. The story of an Archfiend candidate and his army of Childs begins in the game. To become in charge of Destiny Child, here's everything you should know.


Dominate by using the Fever Mode:


To take control of Destiny child, you should use Fever Mode to your advantage. You will run into battles that you won't be able to complete no matter how hard you try. Some enemies or even bosses have tons of HP and can easily resist your team's relentless attack despite being very tough in offensive power. Your team will fall to the superior defenses of these enemies.


To become in charge of the battle, you should know what a Fever Mode is. Fever Mode is a fighting mechanic in Destiny Child, which allows you to freely use your character's skills without cool down for a while. So, once you enable Fever Mode, you will be able to fight rapidly without the time limit to unleash a storm of skills, dealing massive damage to the enemy.


Destiny Child: Take control and become in charge


One more thing to have a dominating side is when you are in Ragna and fever mode is activated, your auto-skill will generate the automatic tap option. It would help if you held the skill button of your second highest damage dealer. Both of your characters will be triggers simultaneously, and in 2 seconds, your fever will finish. It's faster if you want to save some seconds.


You can access Fever Mode by using enough Drive Skills in a single match to raise the Fever gauge. The better your performance in launching the Drive Skills, the more Fever meter you will collect per skill. Always try to land the Drive Skill in the precise center.


Become professional in The Underground:


To become a professional and to polish your abilities, The Underground is the best place to do so. In the underground, you have to continuously battle while your characters' statuses and damages move over to the next stage. You can get treasure chests for every fourth stage and rewards on every stage here.


After finishing all twenty stages will open the next difficulty level. There are also constraints on the characters you have to bring on the higher difficulty levels.


Master the Art of the Night World:


If you want to prevail in the Destiny Child, it is necessary to have new heroes and materials to upgrade your team. Fortunately, there are always extra game modes in which you can complete different challenges for the opportunity to receive useful materials and objects.


The Night World contains most of the side-content, in which you will obtain access to daily tasks and many challenges that you can complete to earn many rewards. As you proceed into the main game, you will unlock this feature and all the content inside. On level 12, you will get access to all the Night World offers.


Destiny Child: Take control and become in charge


In the Night World option, you can either go into the Devil Rumble, Underground, Event Dungeon, or the Exploration. The other options are the Bar Replays and some usual shops.


Additional rewards in Devil Rumble:


By having additional rewards, you can boss up your characters. This is where The Devil Rumble arena comes in. It is the PvP stage where you can battle other players' teams here. Also, check the Daily Missions and obtain additional rewards if you meet certain conditions, which are very easy to achieve.


Depending on your team's overall strength and the time you spend here, earning a good rank and reaching a higher league will make you more rewards, including Rumble Coins and Crystals.


Character level up in Destiny Child:


By leveling up, you will have the authority to change the outcomes of the battle. The Event Dungeon is the best place to earn Level-up Materials, Evolution Materials, as well as Gold. You can battle through each available dungeon three times per day, but dungeon availabilities change daily.


Although you spend stamina for fighting in these dungeons, the rewards will help you grow faster significantly since it will be challenging to obtain the materials here than anywhere else.


Earn more and be more in Destiny Child:


Destiny Child: Take control and become in charge


Exploration is the best way to earn experience points and some extra items for your characters. When Exploration is unlocked, you can send a team of your characters one hour to 12 hours, and they will continue to examine locations even if you are offline.


Depending on your account level, you can unlock and explore more places continuously. As the number of the rarity of items and experience points improves depending on the exploration length, you should go for the 12-hour ones. Don't worry about your primary team, as the characters you send on explorations can be usable in story battles and other game modes.




Destiny Child is an entertaining game that, unfortunately, can become very hard to dominate in its superior stages. Luckily, with the content that we have provided, you now have all you need to know to prepare your team for future challenges.


Use the Fever mode to your advantage and learn to use the auto tap option's critical tip in Ragna. Exploration will unlock at level 9. Remember to visit the Night World regularly so that you may collect all the rewards and materials that it has to offer.

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