Rise Of Kingdoms Update 1.0.42 Happy Spring Festival Patch Notes & Details


Rise Of Kingdoms Update 1.0.42 Happy Spring Festival Patch Notes & Details


Rise of Kingdoms has just released update 1.0.42 for the game titled the Happy Spring Festival. You can download game data for the game before being released and gaining exclusive rewards. The patch itself has released on the 25th of January. All players who log-in after the patch also get access to free loot and other exclusive items.


Rise of Kingdoms is an epic strategy game developed by LilithGames that features multiple commanders and nations for you to choose from. The game emphasizes strategy and critical thinking over anything else, with each consequent update adding a lot more depth to the game itself.


Rise of Kingdoms Update 1.0.42


Before we hop on and explain the major updates in detail, you need to know about all the little details and what major changes have been made in the new update.


Firstly, new seasonal events have been added to the game, each with its exclusive kingdoms. You now get a lower amount of glory from using gems, which stops gem abuse. The daily chest, which you can buy at any time during the day, has now been updated to include better commanders. The battle log has been updated with a more minimalistic aesthetic. Moreover, a new boss has been added in Ceroli Crisis with tons of bug fixes and improvements made to the game.


All Happy Festival Events:


Rise Of Kingdoms Update 1.0.42 Happy Spring Festival Patch Notes & Details


The Happy Festival is mainly based on the Chinese New Year and will go off on the same day. The Festival itself will be coming very soon with a new theme and many other features being added to the game to celebrate the new season's arrival.


Here are some of the features you can expect from the All Happy Festival Event:



  • The first week of the event will be known as the Happy Year of the Ox, which will involve seven days of rigorous questing for a chance to win exclusive rewards that will be permanently added to your inventory.


  • The next major item addition is the Lanterns of Togetherness that have you decorate a Flower Lantern to celebrate the Spring Festival. You can win many great prizes like a limited edition city theme alongside decorations for your village, which add a lot of flair to your overall setup.


  • You can collect colored papers now, which are used for decorations in the Lanterns of Togetherness event.


  • A new Arms Training has been added where Armmaster Lohar has arrived. If you end up defeating him, you gain access to his wares and can use his services.


  • A new random event has now been added to the game where the village can spark on fire. However, mysterious things might appear some times which have not yet been revealed by the developers.


If you want to learn more about particular events and when exactly they are happening, you can look at the Event Calendar Of Rise of Kingdoms found in-game for complete instructions and details.


Ark of Osiris Changes:


Rise Of Kingdoms Update 1.0.42 Happy Spring Festival Patch Notes & Details


Ark Of Osiris is another game mode present in Rise of Kingdoms, which is more of an Arena Styled PvP game mode where various kingdoms of the same rank and skill level are put against each other in a fight to the death. Here are all the changes made to this particular game mode:


  • To allow for a larger game player size, alliances that are not in the top 20 leaderboards of their kingdoms can now part in the Ark of Osiris and be grouped with other alliances.


  • The number of teleports has been increased after the first Obelisk is earned from 5 to 8. Teleports can now also be used if there are no troops in the building.


  • The first occupation of a building now takes 3 minutes, with each consequent one taking 2 minutes.


  • Rules for gaining Energy Points have been changed. You can now gain them much faster. Moreover, to speed up the game, Alliances do not get any energy or bonuses.


  • Severely wounded troops now heal much faster.


Lost Kingdom Changes:


Rise Of Kingdoms Update 1.0.42 Happy Spring Festival Patch Notes & Details


Lost Kingdom is considered the main game mode for Rise of Kingdoms. A few balance changes have been made to this segment of the game as well. Most of these changes are going to alter and affect the flow of the game severely. Here's a run-down of the major changes made to the game:


  • The gathering speed bonus given to the 4th place kingdom in the Eve of Crusade event has been increased to 15%.


  • If a kingdom enters the Eve of the Crusade, they will be given the Bumper Harvest bundle.


  • For Season 2, the preparation event for the Lost Kingdom will be divided into two stages. In one stage, Governors will not be able to immigrate to kingdoms.


  • If an alliance now leaves or joins a coalition, they will automatically be canceled if they have been launching a raid or rally.


  • Kahar, a significant amount has lowered the Hidden's power.


  • The upgrade time for some levels of Crystal Mine and Research Center has been slashed quite a bit.


  • Troop March Operations have been optimized and improved quite a bit. Unlike before, you can now move and control your troops from any view level with no restrictions in commands.


  • You now get a push notification for a direct message if you enable the option from your settings.


  • The Polish language has been added to the game as well.




Rise of Kingdoms has just gotten its biggest update yet. The new update includes many changes to the game that will establish a shift in the meta for a very long time. After adding new events and balance adjustments, you can expect many players to be scrambling trying to look for the new best commanders for their kingdoms.


The game has become much more enjoyable, especially for newer players who were getting into the game. More information regarding the events will be coming out closer to their release.

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