Rise of Kingdoms: Ultimate Tips and Tricks Guide


Rise of Kingdoms is a Strategy game developed by LilithGames that features 11 different civilizations with various heroes that delve deep into destructive warfare. The game is known for its Pay to Win elements, which sap some fun out of the game. However, this guide is meant for players who do not want to spend money on the game. But they still want to make the most out of it in one or the other.


Rise of Kingdoms: Ultimate Tips and Tricks Guide


Rise of Kingdoms has you controlling an entire nation alongside all its tactics and unique abilities that each particular unit/brigade has. The game is quite fun to play and features real-time combat that keeps you hooked for days!


Best Starting Civilization:


Players make the mistake of looking at the buffs each particular nation offers. Instead, you should probably be looking at the featured commanders of those civilizations. These commanders are universal, and you get them for free as soon as you get a civilization.


To upgrade these Commanders, you need sculptures. Sculptures are usually too intensive / can only be bought through real-life money. However, some Commanders' Sculptures are featured in in-game-events, which you can take advantage of.


So, for F2P players, we recommend going for either Scipio or, in some cases, Boudica. If you want a mixed army composition (you do not like a particular unit type), Scipio makes the most sense. If you are more into nuking, then Boudica is excellent as it allows useful buffs for Barbarians.


After you have gotten your starting commander, we recommend that you start thinking about what your permanent civilization should be. Currently, the best civilization that you should focus on is Japan. So, as soon as you hit City Hall Level 10, switch to Japan.


Japan's main advantage is that it increases all your troops' attack power and increases scouting and resource gathering speed.


Spending Gems Efficiently:


Rise of Kingdoms: Ultimate Tips and Tricks Guide


Gems are the premium currency of the game. Gems are perhaps the most valuable resource you can obtain in Rise of Kingdoms. Since you will not be spending money in the game, Gems can be quite limited in number for you.


The most efficient way to spend gems would first be to rush your VIP Level to 6 quickly. This offers you tons of buffs at many points in the game—the main advantage of being the addition of a secondary builder permanently. You will now not be needing Gems to get new builders anymore, which is quite advantageous in the long run.


As soon as you get to the VIP Level 6 Shop, start buying Action and Speedup Potions for more buffs. You can then use your Gems to buy some items from the Merchant shop whenever it appears. For more tips, we recommend that you always believe everything that is usually sold in typical resources. Try also to purchase Speed Up potions, which are discounted at about 60%.


Efficient Use of Speed Ups:


Efficiently using Speedups is a pivotal part of the Rise of Kingdoms. For this, we recommend that you join an Alliance / Guild first. If you are in a powerful Alliance, you gain many Speedup Buffs that help you increase the pace you gather resources and upgrade your technology.


First, try always to use the specific speedups you get and then apply the Universal ones (you get a unique multiplier.) Whenever you are about to log off or are about to idle, we recommend that you start training your troops / putting them on gather. Moreover, you should also think about what buildings you will upgrade and if a technology tree needs focusing.


What buildings to Upgrade?


Rise of Kingdoms: Ultimate Tips and Tricks Guide


Throughout the game, your primary focus should be to upgrade your City Hall level if you Rush the City Hall at a pivotal point. While this may seem counterintuitive, neglecting buildings like Barracks / Walls makes the most sense for earlier levels. Since you will not be attacked as much, especially if you are in an alliance, upgrading those buildings is always a waste of resources.


If you rush your city hall in Rise of Kingdoms, you gain access to more troops, better technologies, and a lot of other small perks that do add up to your overall gameplay experience by quite a large margin.


One technology that you should always upgrade is one that affects your research/construction/gathering speed. These technologies directly affect the pace at which you can efficiently play the game. Upgrading them should let you gain a significant boost in overall research speed, and your City Hall should be getting much upgraded as things progress.


Always Gather Resources:


Gathering Resources as a free to play a player in Rise of Kingdoms is quite hard. Try to focus on getting your Commanders to gather resources whenever you are idling instantly. Level them up as soon as you can after your Primary Commander, of course.


Rise of Kingdoms: Ultimate Tips and Tricks Guide


Get them to Level 27 first. You can get then use their talent points that allows them to gather additional resources. If you want to complete the entire Gathering Tree for Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, get them to Level 37.


Always collect Runes for an increase in Gathering Speed. You can also exchange resources you do not need from the Courier Station. However, the exchange rate is not always the best. So, keep a lookout for that.




Rise of Kingdoms is an Epic Strategy Game that combines the realistic premise of choosing a nation. Each has its unique perks with the fantastic mindset of Commanders and massive battles. While the game might seem very premium and focuses on Pay-To-Play players, focusing on the tips mentioned above, you can quickly get to the same level as a player who has spent some serious money in the game.


As a rule of thumb, think twice before spending your gems on any resources. Always try to improve your gathering and construction speed and try to push your City Hall to the maximum possible level you can fester at any given moment.

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