Revived Witch Guide to best characters, character pairing, and building mage team

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Revived Witch from developers YoStar Limited is an exciting new adventure RPG. It offers dynamic pixel art and 3D lighting for players as they play as a witch who enters into an unknown tower and must now travel through the various worlds to fulfill her destiny. 


There are tons of really cool features to experience in this game and many characters to meet. So in this article, we'll be guiding you towards the sort of characters you should seek, how you should pair them in battle, joining mage teams, and running them as units. So without wasting any more time, let's get into it. 


List of characters to find and acquire

There are several fascinating characters to seek out in Revived Witch, so we'll be listing the best 3 that you should have your eyes on for better progression.


Revived Witch Mobile Game


1. Afallen


Apart from being a hyped-up character, she has very fast movement reflexes that allow her to create a shield out of her own HP. Doing this also lets her take in all the damages dealt with every ally for 10 seconds. So if you're seeking a reliable tank character in your team, then Afallen is going to come in handy. 


Additionally, she offers magical and physical defenses in the first couple of seconds of any match while also being immune to all enemy attacks. It won't be easy putting her down as an enemy, not to mention having her on your side. Her barrier ability sort of makes her unstoppable. 


Another really interesting ability she possesses is the Holy Radiance. This can deal as high as 300 magic damage attacks to all enemies, discard their buffs and go on to decrease their magic defense by as much as 40 while putting Afallen's magic defense to use for 10 seconds. In terms of passive skills, she often attempts to auto-cast the Holy Radiance at enemies, which causes her to trigger more and more defense breaks from time to time. These wide arrays of skills make Afallen the perfect character in Revived Witch, and it doesn't get better with her fighting on your side. 


Revived Witch Afallen


2. Caledonia


Caledonia is yet another very reliable character that you should aim for in this game because despite being the physical variant, she offers a very important ability to heal all the allies on her Plume of Guard. Most excitingly, it will redirect and become immune to every debuffs and damage dealt in battle. 


Every opposing enemy is taken down for about 4.5 seconds, during which she can deal some serious physical damage and physical defense whenever their damage bar climbs to 100%. Additionally, Caledonia possesses the ability to lessen the amount of damage dealt by tapping into the HP that's being lost, but she'll lose her debuffs. Caledonia isn't as good as Afallen, but she's a very reliable character with great skills that can deal heavy damage to enemies. 


Revived Witch Caledonia


3. Cynthia 


Lastly, we have Cynthia. Many of you must have met her because she's rewarded to pretty much every new player for free at the early stages of the game. However, being a free character doesn't mean she should be belittled compared to the above two. She's a powerful and reliable character who can provide a single ally healing alongside an entire one using her Hymn to Bandage ability which is very efficient. 


You can take her to be more of a standard healer as healing is one of her major perks. Her healing abilities don't only work on allies, but she can also heal a house for certain seconds. Cynthia also does well in providing attack buffs when in battle. Ultimately, her main specialty is healing because she can heal allies often and faster than most. 


Revived Witch Caledonia


Building a Mage Team

Creating and running your very own team of magicians is an interesting and easier way to get resources. You can merge teams of physical characters only or even combine physical and magical characters; you are free to go with whatever method you believe suits your style of play. But if you're wondering what the main and most compelling units or mage team is, then wonder no more because it's the Compeller Amanami and Mineer. 


They're both very impressive. Mineer is more like a single target Damage Per Second (DPS). Most players would've already guessed this, but she's not good for farming and any other similar activity. Animation, on the other hand, possesses fascinating healing and amped up magic damage, and she provides a lot of buffs while also increasing allies' damage to 10% and 5% for 20. 


Aminami does sound quite formidable, and to be frank, she's even a better healer than Cynthia in various ways. So to understand how to merge and use them both in battle, you should note that Aminami performs better if she's in the space while Mineersends in the final blow as the boss killer. With the game's wide array of characters, perhaps you can find equivalents when it comes to the physical space, but really when you have two of these incredible characters who happen to be on the magical variant, then you should be good to go. 


Revived Witch Gameplay


Pairing Characters – Healers

If you want to choose between healers, say Cynthia and Tuonel, then there really isn't any need to align both of their elements if you're seeking the best heals. In case you missed it from the stats of each character at the early stages of the game, the heals of both Cynthia and Tuonel are based on their attacks. 


That is worth noting, and players should be aware of it. A good thing about Cynthia is that, unlike other healers, she's actually a salt stone which allows her to pair incredibly with Afallen. So ultimately, Cynthia is, once again, a better healer to look up to when thinking about pairing healers with other characters. 

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