Revived Witch Latest Update and Chinese New Year Events


The RPG Revived Witch from YoStar Limited is now ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and they made their way by adding new events for the game. This pixel art 3D game is a fantastic game that asks the players to become witches and travel between multiple worlds to meet their destiny. And now it is time to scroll down to a new chapter with New Year.






Revived Witch has introduced its latest update by the 25th of January 2022, and it manages to bring new events and content for its engaging players. And all these are welcoming to the world for the Lunar New year celebration.


So what New Year brings us for the Revived Witch? As there are two introductory events, let's have a detailed understanding of them.


The Spring Festival Update


This is the first update brought by the Revived Witch, and it is a brand new event that comes as a form of the new Spring Festival. The event is scheduled to start on the 25th of January. And it will end by the 15th of February .



So for around 14 days, Revived Witch players will have the chance to log into the game, and they are going to be rewarded with a set of free reward items for the entire event period. The rewards you will be earned by playing the game for the event periods are


  • 2x basic runestones for the first day

  • 20x advanced skill pacts for the 2nd day

  • 2x basic runestones for the third day

  • 1x stamina flasks for your fourth day

  • 5th day will reward 2x average rune stones

  • 6th day is for 1x stamina elixir

  • Soul cryolite for the 7th day

  • 2x basic runestones for your 8th day

  • 2x pacts of advanced skill for 9th day

  • The Kyphon Festive Mood: a costume for the underworld deliverer on your 10th day

  • The 11th day is for a stamina flask

  • 12th day will reward 2x average rune stones

  • A stamina elixir for your 13th day

  • The last day will reward a soul cryolite


If you are a new player and have no clue about the reward systems beginner things of Revived Witch , you can check here for more details.


Budding Fortune


This is the second event for the update on Revived Witch, and it will be your event for Chinese New Year. This event also started on the 25th of January, and it is going to end by the 15th of January. Remember that this event will only be available for the players who completed their main story from stages 2-2. So if a player wants to become a part of this event, try to complete the main story as required.



Budding Fortune has three parts on it as follows.


Red Envelope


When players have a red envelope filled with random souls, they will have two red envelopes daily, and this amount will be increased if you manage to reach 100. This 100 can be achieved by the completion of the Pray questions on the commission board. So if you manage to do it, you will gain a third envelope as well.


Beast Strike


When you are at this event, if you manage to consume the Fortune, you can challenge the Beast Strike. Players are going to battle against strong enemies. Once a player manages to defeat these most powerful enemies, they can receive more rewards as a victory .


If you can leash more damage on your own, you will collect more and more rewards from the game. The Chinese Knot item will be sent for players over mails when the event ends.


Festive Gift


When you are in the event period, you will purchase several packs from the page. And those packs are


  • Pack of Spring Festive Doll includes 1x UR Doll Selection and one Large Soul Cryolite. You can only purchase them once.


  • Spring Festival Best Deal – this pack has 60x diamonds, a Large Soul Cryolite and 3x Dumpling on it. And here also, you have a one-time purchase limit.


The doll pack is there for you to choose one doll since there are so many selected UR dolls.


To make it more advanced with enemies' fighting in these events, you can try the Keyboard Mapping feature from LDPlayer. Don't spend your precious time getting used to those boring default key settings. Make your most familiar ones for your key controls by this feature and take up the battle into your own hand.




We hope you will receive the best from this Chinese New year with Revived Witch and enjoy the two new events with the best rewards for your gameplay. There is no reason to spend the festive period bored and take up your chance. Enjoy the best from Revived Witch.

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